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This page was set up on 10. Jun 1999.

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Last update 27. February 2018.

Our homepage will contain information about projects that my father Franci - S51RM, Robert - S52GW and me Sine - S53RM are developing. First, let me tell a little about my father and me.

Franci is radio amateur since 1949. He passed his operators exam in 1955, when he was serving Yugoslav army in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina). When he returned in Slovenia, he joined Radio club "Domzale" YU3CAB (now S53CAB). He became a president of our radio club in 1961 for eighteen years. We did many nice things in our radio club that time. A little house "MURKA" , our radio club contest location on Menina mountain was the biggest project at that time, finished in 1974. Together with our radio club members we worked many nice contests for YU3CAB/p, YU3C and S50C from there. After that in 1979, he was elected for president of Radio amateur association of Slovenia (Zveza radioamaterjev Slovenije - ZRS). Although organization work in next 8 years was main occupation in his presidency, he continued to produce technical "toys" for radio amateurs with collaboration of ZRS laboratory. So receivers for ARDF, receivers for radio amateurs beginners, ARDF transmitters for 3.5MHz and 144MHz, SWR meters, electronic keyers, noise bridges, loop antennas for 144MHz etc. were produced in ZRS laboratory at that time. He was a member of Yugoslav Technical Culture organizations first visit to China as a representative of Yugoslav radio amateurs. This was in year 1979, and with this visit begun few years of good collaboration between Yugoslav and China radio amateurs. Few years later BY1PK delegation came to Slovenia too and visited Menina. In year 1986 packet radio began to develop in Slovenia and we are in stream of that radio amateurs activity from the beginning. We are sysops of nodes LJU:S55YLJ and KUM S55YKU located in center of Slovenia.

I am radio amateur since 1974. I tried almost everything: DX hunting on HF, collecting countries on HF and VHF/UHF/SHF, collecting QTH locator squares, MS, ES, FAI, Tropo, Aurora, EME on 144 and 432MHz, contesting on HF and VHF/UHF/SHF, constructing antennas, amplifiers, preamplifiers etc., fox hunting (ARDF), making SW for radio amateurs etc. (uf, I love this hobby). However, my callsign was not heard very often on the band, because I made 90% of my QSO-s for our radio club callsigns. Mum has her radio amateur license too - S52RM. Moreover, sister also. Therefore, we are a complete radio amateurs family.

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Here I will present our latest "products":

S5-PSK 1.2 Mbps BPSK packet radio station for 23 and 13cm (and 9cm)

S5-70WB FM packet radio station for 70cm band and 19k2 to 76k8 bps

SVE - SuperVozelj on europa format PCB's

We contributed in a PCB design for S5-SCC/DMA - PI card clone by S57MMK.

S5-PCC - packet communication card (USCC clone with Manchester and FSK modem)

TNC2-MV - TNC2 clone with DCD

TCM 1200bps modem for connection on PC COM port.

JAVORNIK 144/14  - 2m transverter (by S53WW, S51RM, S53RM)

ETNC  IP/AX25 – Ethernet TNC for 1M2bps PSK (by S51MO, S51RM, S53RM)

MENINA 432/21  - 70cm transverter (S51RM & S53RM)

XFILER box   -   xtal filters for use with Javornik on 14 MHz IF (S53WW, S51RM, S53RM)

MURKA 144/14   -  2m transverter for use with SHF transverters (S51RM, S53RM)

JESPA 70/14   -  4m transverter (S51RM, S53RM)

2na1 -  Two transceivers to one power amplifier - box



Other interesting stuff:

432 MHz activity (EME, MS, AURORA, equipment)

Radio Astronomy

Using PACKET rear connector on FT-1000MP for WSJT work

IC-275H reduced power splattering : solution by S51MW - Marjan


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