SVE - SuperVozelj on Europe format PCB's


Originally it is S53MV project for S5 packet radio network. We try to put all the PCB-s in one box on one BUS, so that only wiring from SVE to RTX is necessary. Therefore, from SV we developed SVE.

BUS is divided on computer and modem bus. SCC and DMA PCB have DIN ABC connector. A and B line of contacts are on computer bus and C line is connected to modems. On computer bus, we have CPU board and RAM board. We have few different versions of PCB for CPU (68010 DIL and PGA, 68020 and latest 68360 which we are developing with S57MMK) and DMA (DIL and PGA).

On modem bus can be connected BSSP board (two bit synchronization and scrambler of data), MAN board (two Manchester modem), FSKR board (FSK modem, RS232 port for KISS and remote reset circuit), PS5V (power supply for SVE : 12V to 5V converter) and some other not so important PCB's.

Here are ASM files for latest S53MV, S52D and S57MMK SuperVozelj software. S52D ASM file can be compiled to *.BIN format with this A68 set of programs for PC. SVE-DOC files is in Slovene language, but you can find short description in English language and many other things about S5 packet radio here.


This is new CPU for SVE. It is made around MC 68360 processor. There is 2 Mbytes of  static RAM on it. This board replaces old CPU, DMA and RAM boards. It still can control old SCC board with 6 medium speed channels and adds 4 high speed (1M2 bps) channels to SVE. So new SVE has now 10 channels. SVE  LJU:S55YLJ and KUM:S55YKU working with such CPU from year 2000 .

Constructor is Marko - S57MMK. He also adapt the SW. We are constructors of  the PCB. S51RM - Franci soldered this board.