Here I will present S5-PSK PCB for 23 and 13cm 1.2 Mbps packet radio station (9cm is still in construction). This BPSK zero IF stations are part of S53MV project for S5 fast packet radio network. These stations work very good and all descriptions you can find on this home page. Although they are very simple, it is quite a job to assemble it. Our task was to ease a little bit assembling and put it on one printed circuit board instead on eight. We succeeded with three layers 160x200mm PCB. Here are some pictures of the RIG. Many hams made it in Slovenia. (Tel me, where on the Earth radio amateurs still making their own stations?) With pair of such stations and S5-SCC/DMA cards (S5 clone of PI card with Manchester modem and with scrambler for 1.2 Mbps) we have transfer rate up to 90 kbytes per second between two PC. Output power of 23cm station is 1W and 13cm 0.5W. Distances achieved with modest antenna are around 100km (optical visibility) with around 15dB over "cut off" margin for 23cm station.


The only difference for 23cm RTX is HF part (lower left part of PCB)







You can download S5-PSK documentation file where you can find description (only in Slovene language for now) and part list for both 23cm and 13cm RTX.

Here you can download Schematic diagram of 13cm and 23cm station in PostScript format. You can print it with GhostScript program.

I must show here the antennas that we are using practically for all our nodes in S5. They are SBFA (Short Back Fire Antennas - S53MV design). Must say, that no link failure accured, because of ice and snow on high mountains for past 2-3 years. Both antennas (for 13 and 23cm) have around 16dBi of gain. Diameter of 23cm SBFA is around 0.5m and 13cm SBFA 0.3m. You can download detail schematics of SBF antennas for 23, 13 and 9cm.


13cm and 23cm SBFA on the roof of my fatherīs house in Domzale.