FT-1000MP rear Packet connector setup for WSJT work


PACKET connector (rear panel) on FT-1000MP is active only when PKT or PKT USER mode is activated. PKT (Packet) mode on FT-1000MP is LSB. We must program USER mode for USB, if we want to use WSJT. For AUDIO OUT and IN from SB, use DATA IN and DATA OUT contacts (see PACKET connector in FT-1000MP manual).


We can program USER mode in menu 8-6.


Menu 8-6

mode PKT

disp offset 0

RX PLL 1450

RX CAR 453.450

TX PLL 1500

TX CAR 453.400

RTTY offset 0

EASY set off


We enter USER mode with holding PKT button on FT-1000MP for 2s.


This are not exact settings for USB mode. I moved (for 50 Hz) noise spectrum to center four tones we are receiving in FSK441.

With such setup you can listen to your RIG with phones or loud speaker without affecting DATA IN level with volume control. MIC GAIN control still affecting modulation level (leave it the same as for SSB 10 o'clock), but MIC input is disabled. You can adjust modulation level and audio input level from WSJT (menu Options on SpectJT) on your PC. Please, use standard interfaces for PTT, AUDIO and modulation. You can find schematics for such interfaces on internet.


73 Sine S53RM