MURKA 144/14   -  2m transverter for use with SHF transverters (S51RM, S53RM)


Immediately after SDR for HF came on the market in S50C contest team we decided to use Javornik 144/14 transverter for driving SHF and microwave transverters instead of old 2m transceivers like (FT-221, IC-275, TS-711 etc.). We have enough gain in RX chain to divide 14 MHz IF RX output from Javornik 144/14 also to SDR receiver in parallel to RX input of HF transceiver. I think it is not necessary to explain which benefits you gain with such setup....

Javornik has too much power on RF, too much current consumption with its big hybrid, so we (S51RM and 3RM) decided to make small transverter with around 10W output power (not so dangerous for burning switch diode in DB6NT transverters) and only one RX converter with not necessary so low NF RX input amplifier. We maintain good solution from MENINA 432/21 transverter feeding antenna preamplifier and its coaxial relays through RX ANT input connector if somebody will use MURKA transverter for 144 MHz EME work.



PCB 160 x 100 mm


BOX 165 x 105 x 40 mm



Max. output power:




RX Gain:

21 dB

Power consumption:

on TX  -  2 A @10W, 13.8V


on RX  -  340 mA

IF 14 MHz input:

-20 to +20 dBm


Here is PDF of shematics and PCB

We have small number of KIT's and also assembled and tuned MURKA transverters for sale.

73 Sine - S53RM