Menina II 432/21 MHz transverter

After success on 144 MHz with Javornik 144/14 transverter, Franci - S51RM, Robi S53WW and me decided to build transverter for 432 MHz. We use parts of electrical and complete mechanical design from Javornik II transverter. Major changes are in oscillator (411 MHz) compartment. There is 137 MHz XTAL and multiplier (x3). We redesigned IF to 21MHz. Directional coupler and output LP filter was recalculated. RX chain was designed for two stage amplifier for both synchronous receivers. First stage is preamplifier at the antenna with ATF-54143 (slightly modified YU1AW design with built in input band pass filter and notch filter for 144 MHz - G=20 dB, NF=0.5 dB) and high input IP3 amplifier in Menina II transverter with SGA-6389. For stand-alone operation with transverter, there is built in preamplifier (only for main RX and antenna connected to ANT 432 MHz) with HMC-374.

RX input band pass filter in Menina is 10 MHz (-3dB) wide. With general coverage HF transceiver (19 - 29 MHz) one can easily cover 430 440 MHz band. TX filtering is a bit narrower. (8 MHz at -3dB).

Both preamplifiers with antenna relays included can be feed through central wire of RX coaxial cable. 13V / 500mA is available at ANT1 IN and ANT2 IN BNC connectors through jumper inside Menina II. Transverter is short circuit protected with polyswitch resettable device on board. If you operate that way, TX and RX chain must be separated at the antenna coaxial relay and driven to power amplifier and ANT1&2 IN (RX inputs of Menina II) separately. All the TX/RX sequencing is done by Menina II transverter, so there is no need for external separate sequencer in order to properly switch power amplifier(s) and preamplifiers.


Menina II-2-m.jpg

Menina II front view.


Menina II-1-m.jpg

Menina II back view.






Menina II-3-m.jpg

Menina II inside with cover.


Menina II-4-m.jpg

Menina II inside.



Menina II LNA with ATF-54143 and INPUT band pass filter and notch filter for 144 MHz.



N to normally open (N/O) terminal of antenna coaxial relay.

BNC RX coaxial cable with 13V on central wire from Menina II ANT1 IN or ANT2 IN connectors.

CHINCH 13V output for antenna relay.







Mnina II LNA pass band wide.



Menina II LNA pass band narrow.











Block schematic

Menina II Schematic 1, Schematic 2, LNA Schematic

Menina II PCB layout, Menina II LNA PCB layout

Technical data:


2 kg


277 x 163 x 60 mm

MAX. output power for linear operation

45W (RA45H4047M)

60W (RA60H4047M)

Power consumption

10A @ 13,8V on TX (45W)

0.7A @ 13,8V on RX

PTT OUT max current


Max current consumption for LNA on ANT1 IN and ANT2 IN connectors



-20 to +20 dBm (21 MHz)

Preamplifier (ATF-54143)

G=20 dB, -50 dB @ 144 MHz

NF=0.5 dB


You can find more technical data on S53WW page.


73 Sine S53RM