TNC2-MV is a TNC2 clone with S53MV DCD and Manchester modem on board. FSK modem can be attached as a "sandwich" to the board. With XTAL 9.803 MHz, fast CPU and SIO it is possible to work on 38k4 bps. This kind of TNC's are used for S5 network before SuperVozelj. Tnc2-d.doc is in Slovene language, but you can find there part list and some tables. Sorry, I do not have schematic diagram in digital form, but I will supplay here complete TANGO pcb file for TNC2-e and FSK-g if anyone wants to make his own PCBs. FSK-g is not tested yet. It is the first pcb with TCM3105. TNC2-MV is practicaly our first pcb project for packet radio back in 1989.