SuperVozelj LJU:S55YLJ

Here are some pictures of location and equipment used in S5 central node LJU:S55YLJ. Node computer is 10 channels SVE (SuperVozelj on europa format PCB's) with first prototype of 68360 CPU. Constructor of this CPU is Marko - S57MMK. We made PCB and soldered the components. Soft ware is modified S53MV & S52D SW for SuperVozelj. HW for LJU is completely home made by S51RM & S53RM, only stations for 2m packet are made in Japan.

So today (27.07.2002) LJU have four 1M2 bps PSK channels (one on 13cm and thre on 23cm band), one 76k8 bps WBFM, one 19k2 bps WBFM, 2400bps manchester and 1200 bps FSK 2m NBFM channels. Channel 8 is for servicing (KISS). Look also to other Slovenia packet radio nodes.

This is the INFO file on SV LJU:S55YLJ :

** Osnovni podatki: SuperVozelj LJU:S55YLJ - Krvavec 1700m asl - JN76GH **


Kanal Hitrost Modulacija QRG(MHz) ANT Linki


01 - 1M2288 bps PSK 2312.10 V/SE+H/S YKU,uporabniki

02 - 1M2288 bps PSK 1298.68 H/SW YIB,YIG,BOX,DXC,uporabniki

03 - 1M2288 bps PSK 1271.00 H/S+H/W LEA,uporabniki,Gorenjska

04 - 1M2288 bps PSK 1241.64 H/S S50SOU

05 - 76k8 bps Man./WBFM 437.85 V/SE YKU,uporabniki

06 - 38k4 bps Man./WBFM ----.-- ------ (Ni postaje)

07 - 19k2 bps Man./WBFM 434.20 H/S uporabniki,YAN,YRA,YCP

08 - 19k2 bps RS-232 wire KISS (servisiranje)

09 - 1k2 bps AFSK/NBFM 144.950 V/S uporabniki

10 - 2k4 bps Man./NBFM 144.850 V/S uporabniki


SVE HW: CPU MC68360/25MHz, 2M RAM, 64k EPROM, 3*SCC,

. SW: S53MV & S52D & S57MMK


Antene po kanalih: 1 - 2 x SBFA, 2 - SBFA, 3 SBFA+8, 4 - SBFA

. 5 - 5el. yagi, 7 - 2el. yagi, 9 - rokavni dipol,

. 10 - rokavni dipol


QRB(km): BRKINI 85, KUM 45, BOX 28, LEA 30, GOLO 35


Sysop: S52D, S51RM, S53RM, S57MMK





LJU is located in TV transmitter building (TNX to RTV Slovenija) on Mt. Krvavec (1700m a.s.l.). Tower is around 100m high. In winter this mountain is skiing destination for Ljubljana and Kranj.



This are 2 x SBFA for 13cm PSK and Yagi for 70cm WBFM 76k8 bps.


Other two boxes are full of stations, filters, and cables. It is too dangerous to show it to you :-)


This is prototype PCB for SVE - CPU360. Working from 04. February 2000 on LJU node. The picture is not very sharp. SRI. I will put a new one, when I get it.



Because old housing become too small, we put complete SV in a new box (27.07.2000), which once was GTE link. Franci - S51RM is standing beside.


Bottom: 220V, 12V rectifiers and 12V divider for all RTX and SVE.


Middle: 2m filters and RTX's, place for documentations, SVE and 70cm WBFM RTX's and filter for channel 5.



Top: PSK RTX's and filters for 70cm and 23cm.