My EME station

10GHz system

Antenna: 3m dish, TX: 50-60W, RX: 1dB NEC 325, DB6NT transverter, 2X IC202. R/T switching is done by mechanically exchanging two feedhorns with an windscreen wiper motor. Moon tracking is done with an homebrew noise detector or on the rare occasion of a clear sky, with an modified video camera.
First QSO was with SM4DHN in aug 94. Further QSO's are in the 10GHz EME log. Until nov 96 I worked with an old Andrew 3m f/d 0.29 dish on improvised supports (Mk I and II). Because the dish was somewhat deformed and hard to feed efficiently (deep!), I suspect I was loosing about 2dB of signal (4dB on echo). Also, my mounts were polar, so I lost up to 3dB working linear pol with altazimuth stations.
I think we should all go to circular polarisation!!
Recently (sep 98) I have installed an 'like new' RFS 3m dish on an all metal altazimuth mount with ball bearings and similar luxury.

Photos of my EME station:

My papers from the EME conferences

The files here contain the original forms of the papers, as they were presented at the conferences. Any eventual later corrections and improvements are contained in separate files.

The first EME conference that I attened was in 1994 in Gothenburg, Sweden. My paper was about usefulnes of big dishes for 10GHz EME, titled Reception of extended incoherent sources. (38kB PDF) There were no proceedings published at this conference, so this is the only place where it is available.

At the '96 conference in Bowie, USA, I had a paper about TWT power supplies Since then, I have made many changes and improvements, see my TWT page

At the EME Paris '98, I presented an waveguide input LNA for 10GHz

At the EME Rio 2e3, I said Let's go circular on 10GHz

2002 in Prague I presented a simple TWT tester

I had no paper at the 2004 conference in Trenton.

I did not manage to come to Wuerzburg in 2006, but I submitted a paper: A simple circular polarizer for 10GHz

About skeds

Because I run an outdoor setup, there is always the chance that the weather won't permit me to show up for a sked. In any case I strongly prefer skeds in the May-August weather window. I think the best medium for skeds is Email, at least two to three weeks in advance. See my addresses

My plans for the future

I am currently planing to get QRV on 5.7. Well, this is in the planning stage for a few years now, but I hope to get it done in '99. I'll have about 100W into my 3m dish.

Some received signals

Here is a spectrum of the received signals of WA7CJO (left, broader signal) and VE3ONT (right, narrower signal) on 10GHz. The smaller bandwidth of the bigger dish (WA7CJO 5m, VE3ONT 45m) can be clearly seen. This is the result of the bigger dish illuminating only a part of the Moon, so the range of relative velocities is smaller.

A FFT spectrogram

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