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Mug Shot
(My other hair style is a mess)

Actually the 'C' at the beginning of my last name is written with a small "v" over it and pronounced "ch" as in Che Guevara.

Here are my addresses, Email and other

My physical address is:

Marko Cebokli
Topniska 45
SI-1000 Ljubljana

My Email addresses are:

**** have removed the "Mailto" links because of spam ****

Hope you can read them from here:

My email addresses in handwriting

I do not log onto any of these daily, so it can take a week or so before I respond!
Please send only files in standard formats like ASCII (.txt), GIF, JPEG etc. I cannot read exotic proprietary formats like Word for Windows, Excel etc!

A little about my philosophy, concerning hardware and software

As I have already written in the warning on my home page, most of the stuff you'll find here would be judged by many people as 'half finished'.
Most of the projects (HW and SW) are not the result of careful planning, but of a sort of organic growth. So their structure resembles that of a tropical rain forest.

However, I have at least one working specimen of the hardware projects described, and all of the software does run, at least on my own PC.
On the other side, I didn't put much effort into making the software widely portable and compatible, but I publish the source code, so everybody can adapt it to his/her hardware.
Also, the hardware projects may contain things that are hard to make repeatable, for example hand-wound high-frequency transformers.

The reasons for this state of affairs are the following:
With hardware projects, it is just an (bad) aspect of my personality: as soon as an project starts working, I tend to jump to the next one, so the first one never gets 'polished up'.
With the software it is partly the same reason, and partly an conscious decision: I think there are many times more people around that can write fancy graphics and mouse/windows/icons user interfaces (just consider all those computer wiz-kids) than there are people who are at home in DSP.
So, I tend to write the mathematical 'DSP core' and optimize it, but I leave the user interface in a quite rudimentary form. The source code is available, so you can improve on that....

So, the stuff here is ment mostly for people who love to experiment, and are not afraid of digging deep into the hardware.
It represents many hours of study and hard work, and I unmodestly think that a real experimenter should be able to find here some hard to find information that he was looking for.

All the programs that I have written until now, are in BASIC (real men use BASIC!) and run under DOS. I tend to go directly for the hardware registers. That way the programs are fast and do not depend on proprietary library routines.
I prefer DOS, because it really allows you to harness the power of the computer and put it to work for YOU.
Some people say that you need a big fancy GUI OS to use the power of modern PC's, but... the CPU will really work hard then, but not for you! Consider this: most cars are made for at least four passengers. If you drive alone, most of the horsepower isn't used most of the time. But no one comes to the idea of putting 3 or 4 100kg rocks on the empty seats, just to make good use of the engine - but that is the equivalent of putting windows on your PC!
These ideas are from the times when computing power was expensive, and it was a sin to let the CPU idle - that's why they invented multiuser/multitask OSes. But with today's super cheap computing power, I like to drive alone, so that all the horsepower is really available to ME, in the moment that I need it.

I am thinking about migrating to LINUX, but am afraid of all the high fences that protected multitask/multiuser OSes put between the normal user and the hardware registers...

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