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High speed Ax25 network in Slovenia
38.4 Kbps - 11Mbps
Hardware & Software in our high speed AX25 network
developed by Dr.Matjaz Vidmar, S53MV
Latest developments by S53MV: TNC82532 11.6 Mbit/s   Ax25 TNC
17.09.2001  11,6 Mbit/s Ax25 TNC   Brief info in Slovene language (TXT)


10Mbps TNC   S51MO, S51RM, S53RM
ETNC IP/AX25 homepage

User manual v104  (Slovene version)


10Mbps TNC     S57MMK
S5LinBox homepage


10Mbps 5.7GHz  RTX

Dr.Matjaz Vidmar  S53MV

S53MV construncting P3D satellite

1998-06-17                           2001-02-20 in Clear                         2001-02-20
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Download old Ax25 map (not updated yet!): S5PAC.PDF (250kB)

Terrain Profiles

(Celje - Vojnik)
(Celje - Mt.Mrzlica)
(Vojnik - Mt.Mrzlica)
(St.Jungert  - Mt.Mrzlica)
no limit
(Mt.Mrzlica  - Trbovlje)
(Mt.Golo - Mt.Mrzlica)
(St.Jungert  - Mt.Kum)
(Mt.Mala Gora - Mt.Kum)
S51BR-Tr.gora3  (Sevno - Travna gora) N.U.  
 S51BR-Tr.gora4   (Sevno - Travna gora)    
 S55YMG-Tr.gora (Mirna g. - Travna g.)    

Photo album: few of the high speed SV nodes in S5

S55YBO-2  APRS - APRS digi (Mt.Boc, 980m ASL)

Sysop: S51UL

S55YBO-2 APRS digipeater is located on the Boc mountain at 980m ASL, loc: 46.17.41N/015.35.97E. It's sponsored & owned by S51UL, S51PW and S56WAN.


S55YCE SuperVozelj- high speed node (hill Gora, 554m ASL)

Sysop & Owner: S51KQ 


S55YCE:CELJE is located on top of  Gora hill above the Maribor-Celje-Ljubljana Highway road (see the S55TVA repeater site). S55YCE covers large valley around cities: Vojnik, Celje, Zalec and areas around.


S55YIG SuperVozelj- high speed node (Mt.Golo - Ljubljana)

Sysop & Owner: S56FPW


S55YIG:GOLO is located on hill Golo, south east of Ljubljana city.


S55YKK SuperVozelj- high speed node (Mt.Kuk)

Sysop: S53MV


S55YKU SuperVozelj- high speed node (Mt.Kum)

Sysop: S51RM, S53RM,...



S55YLJ SuperVozelj- high speed node (Mt.Krvavec - Ljubljana)

Sysop: S51RM, S53RM,...



 S55YMB SuperVozelj- high speed node (Mt.Pohorje)

Sysop: S51NO, S51UL

S55YMB:MBR is located on top of the Pohorje mountain in telecom building. It's the main high speed node in north east Slovenia.


S55YNG SuperVozelj- high speed node (Mt.Sveta gora - Nova Gorica)

Sysop & Owner: S53MV

S55YVE SuperVozelj- high speed node (Bele vode (Mt.Smrekovec) - Velenje)

Sysops S51AQ, S57UPN, S56SJS & S56TWG     Owner: S59DVA & private

S55YVO SuperVozelj & S50ATV file server bbs - high speed node (town Vojnik)

Sysop & Owner: S51KQ

S55YVO node is loceted here at my (S51KQ) down town home.
There are folowing ports used - directly connected to VOJNIK:S55YVO node:
- ATVBBS: S50ATV                  ATV dedicated BBS (file server)
- VMSBBS: S50VMS                  Digital Voice Mailing System BBS  - OFF
                                                      DVMS is not QRV anymore, it was replaced by EchoLink gateway on S55UCE VHF/UHF system
- ATVNET                                   255 channel virtual Conference room module
- 38400 bps on  434.400 MHz    RF link to S55YCE, S55YZA
- 10/100 Mbps wire LAN           link to Local Area Network
- 38400 bps (two ports)              test ports in lab
 Download Hardware config. picture: S55YVO.PDF (32kB)    New picture/pdf  files under construction...


S55YZA SuperVozelj- high speed node (Mt.Mrzlica)

Sysop & Owner: S53SX 


S55YZA:MRZ is located on top of the Mrzlica mountain. It's one of the main high speed nodes in Slovenia.


S59DXX-2  APRS - APRS digi (Mt.Pohorje)

Sysop: S51UL, S56WAN

S59DXX-2 APRS digipeater is located on the Pohorje mountain at 925m ASL (JN76TM). It's sponsored & owned by S51UL, Kibla and S56WAN.


LEA  & LJUTCP - Internet server & Ax25 gateway

    S50LEA  &  LJUTCP:S55TCP

    The first Packet Radio Internet Gateway in Slovenia

    The idea about PR - Inet gateway was born almost two years ago, at the begining of 1994. The major problem was to get enough money to buy equipment and to find a location with an internet provider. Fortunately, the Soros Fundation - Open Society Fund Slovenia, so we managed to get enough money to buy all the necessary equipment (80486/40, 8MB RAM, 1/2GB hard disk drive, ethernet card, Wide Band FM RTX and packet modems for 76800 bps link). The system was set up in KUD France Preseren in DTP room, which has 64 kbps wire link to the internet. We started our first Internet Gateway on 8th. of January 1995. Well, almost everything went wrong, HI, but we managed to fix most of problems.

    The gateway is open to whole internet world as well as to whole PR network.

    Right now, we have the following equipment:
    80486, 120MHz, 16MB RAM, 1GB HDD, Mylex motherboard, quad speed CD-ROM, ethernet card and KISS connection to SuperVozelj ANET:S55YAN. Software is JNOS 1.11x4, compiled by S57BBA for ljutcp. The ANET:S55YAN has 6 channels, but only 5 of them are occupied; the first channel and third channel are linked to the PR network (to LJU:S55YLJ SuperVozelj) at 76800 bps and 19200 bps, channel 2 is a wire link to S50LEA, channel 4 is a wire link to S55TCP and channel 6 is a 1200 bps AFSK local port.

    You can send Email to Bajko, S57BBA sysop of this gateway. Well, Bajko is not the only sysop. Others are: Andrej S51BW, Iztok S52D, Janko S52HI, Tomo S53AD and Gregor S57BDX.

SV - SuperVozelj high speed Ax25 node

Most of Slovenian nodes have been changed from TheNet to SuperVozelj. With S55YKO showing up in Flexnet tables, a lot of HAMs need some information about what it is and how to use it. Most of the other S5 TheNET nodes were installed during 1993 and 1994.

Supervozelj is developed by Dr. Matjaz Vidmar, S53MV. There is too much trouble with 10 MHz TNC-2 running medium-speed packet (19200 and 38400), and no cheap solution is available. The situation is even worse on planned high-speed links. SV, as it is today, is a step towards the future S5 packet network.

SuperVozelj nodes are home made 68010 & 68020 computers with three SCC chips, giving 6 channels, plus DMA card with two 1.2288 Mega bps channels. Each node has remote HW reset, and SW can be uploaded over the air. Software is written in 68k ASM. Most of work is focused on AX.25 drivers, memory management, stable structure, and routing is similar to KA node or SP, just to give functionality to the users. It keeps track of activity, so most stations can be connected simply by C CALL from any node. Several nodes have TheNET node attached to free port, and they can be used as well: this is for compatibility with existing TheNET nodes. Some BBSes are connected directly to SV node using KISS protocol.

AX.25 level2 is implemented. Maxframe is a dynamic variable, changing down with every EXed REJ or retry, and is incriesed for every RRed frame. Sources and docs in Slovene are available on S5 BBSes. When a user is connected to Supervozelj, there are several commands available. Only the first letter is significant, others are ignored. So, C, CALL, CW, COCACOLA are all the same. Only ONE command is allowed per AX.25 frame. There are up to 8 ports on every node.

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