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ATVS video library - Exchange area

Do you have an DV quality  Repeater / ATV / HAM  promo tape and would like to exchange with ours ?
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DVD-R  playable on DVD-R compatible standalone DVD and PC-DVD  (MPEG2, DVD menus, PAL 720x576)
D8 master tape  (DV type-1, PAL 720x576, stereo 48k) in digital quality

DVD-R or VCD contain up to 80 minutes of DV

VCD's are compatible with standalone DVD players (VCD mode 2). Note: if your DVD player is not VCD 2.0 compatible, the menus
probably won't be displayed. Use numbers shown on front cover to select VCD track on DVD. Our ATVS  VCD's can be played on any
PC equiped with CD drive, too. For playing VCD on PC (under Windows) click twice on  VCD_PLAY.EXE  in VCD's main directory.
Use mouse to select VCD track from menu. No etxra software or hardware is required.
Use ALT+ENTER to switch in to full screen mode & back.

     Our movies are:  edited, with titles, including stereo background music, ready for broadcasting.

Antartic route  2003 / 2004
Ali Ulaga, S57OAU / MM alone around the World at 60 degrees south by most dangerous sea way 
In a small, only 8m long homemade sailing boat he started a 12 month voyage on 30 of August 2003 from Portoroz marina in Slovenia. Brief press info in english. See the fullsized pictures from last day in marina taken by S51KQ. Daily reports are on S57OAU's web site . Articles & pictures on Slovensko morje NET server, plus link to  main page
James Cook below 60 degrees 2nd expedition (1772-1775) sailing route description.

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Ali Ulaga S57OAU - around the globe by most dangerous sea way 
Two movies, edited,  now available on VCD (MPEG1 352 x 288 PAL) 
&  DVD-R media (MPEG2 720 x 576  PAL  8Mbps)
Naroci VCD, DVD-R  z filmoma Alijevega odhoda in vrnitve tukaj

This photo was taken on 8.Aug.2003 on AntarticaAntartic Region map

MP3 interview, source: Radio Murski val
26.Nov.2003 Interview with Ali Aulaga S57OAU/MM in Cape Town (South Africa). Slovene language only
18.Feb.2004 Interview with Ali Aulaga S57OAU/MM in Bluff (NewZelland). Slovene language only
 Ali, S57OAU se bojuje za zivljenje.
(Photo) S57OAU po enem letu prispel v marino Portoroz28. Avgust 2004
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