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VCD-4 / D8 master  - details
Note: click on camera  in SAMPLE column to download compressed sample (!low quality!)
ATVS   D8-04 master  Available on : VCD (MPEG1), D8 master.
Nr TITLE Sample Area Language
h: min. s
Description Camera,
01 Balonarski festival Vojnik 2001
(Hot Balloon festival Vojnik 2001)
Other - 12.06 "Fly with us...", 2001 S51KQ
02 HAM RADIO 2001 
Friedrichshafen Germany 
HAM SLO 38.50 The biggest HAMRADIO fair in Europe, 2001 S57ULU
03 S5 drzavno ATV prvenstvo
(Slovene national ATV contest)
ATV SLO 12.50 Snapshots from ATV 
contest 2001
04 JPG 1 - slide show HAM - 4.45 Pictures from our www server
On VCD only !
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