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In 2000 I became the SETI League's volountary regional coordinator (VOLCOR) for Slovenia. For more info on the SETI League, click on the logo above.

Most of the material on my SETI pages will be in the Slovenian language, parly stuff translated from the League's web pages and partly written by me. To view Slovenian SETI pages, clikk here: LINK NA SLOVENSKE SETI STRANI

Here are my papers from the SETI League's SETICon technical conferences:

2001: Seti below 1GHz (50kB pdf)
2002: Upgrading your Argus station - where to put the money (62kB pdf)
2003: Random Phase Antenna Combinig for SETI (92kB pdf)
2004: Possible Accurate Time/Frequency sources for maserless VLBI (63kB pdf)

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