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Cabrillo Logs Received


The SCC RTTY Contest accepts Cabrillo logs, V2.0 or V3.0 format files are accepted. Here is a samle/template how your SCC RTTY Cabrillo log should looks like. Please name your file: "callsign.log" or "callsign.cbr" or "callsign.txt"

All logs submitted are received by a log processing robot. Review the response email and make any corrections suggested and resubmit the log. If there is a problem with your log, the robot will send you an error message containing suggestions for how to fix your log. Read this e-mail carefully. Most log submission problems are minor and can be easily corrected. Submit your log as many times as needed.

All submitted logs in Cabrillo format must be uploaded no later than 48 hours after the contest (Tuesday,  11.59 UTC). If you are not able to submit a Cabrillo format log or should you have other questions, please contact the organizer for assistance.


NOTE: There is no power separation in SINGLE BAND and MULTI-OP categories. Please see the contest rules.