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EU HF Championship Contest 2020
CW/SSB - High Power CW/SSB - Low Power
Jack Danielyan, R2AA Yaroslav Oleynik, UW7LL
Sponsor: Simon Sintič, S53K Sponsor: Lithuanian Radiosport Federation
CW - High Power CW - Low Power
Victor Yarovoy, UW1M Yuri Pavlov, UT4LW
Sponsor: Karl D. Bučar, S52AW "9A5K Memorial"
  Sponsor: Emir Memić, E77DX
SSB - High Power SSB - Low Power
Rolandas Jokubauskas, LY4A Nicolò Tonci, IZ6TSA
"E73W Memorial" Sponsor: Jure Vraničar, S57XX
Sponsor: Bosnia and Herzegovina Contest Club  
EUHFC 2020 results became official and final on 16 Oct 2020
Corrections after the publication of preliminary official results

Correction #1: DL5AXX score has been recalculated because of a known bug in DXLog related to the wrong QSO order in CBR log what produced "fake" band changes violations. DXLog developers corrected the bug.

Correction #2: OK1DOL Cabrillo log as it was submitted indicated the wrong license year, different that it was sent. This had no effect on the correct calculation of the final results. These are UBN cosmetic fixes that have already been updated, the results remain exactly the same.

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