EUHFC 2002 Competitor's Comments (alphabetical order)

9A5Y: There is not enough time to operate on 80 and 160m , perhaps 1 or 2 more hours will be good. Station in Central Europe without good short skip (SPORADIC E) opening have no chance to work on HIGHER BANDS for the TOP results!

DK3DM: Was very difficult this year with solar storm and thounderstorms going on.Also static rain made receiving very difficult. But enjoyed the contest even with low power. Next year will have a better antenna for 160. This year used only matched 80m dipole. Big thanks to every one for the QSOs and to the contest managers for there work. Also thanks to UA1AAF for suporting this software which worked nicely for me.

DL1MGB: My first serious entry for the EUHFC. Still looking for the software for the contest. Used to CT (everything works), but with your software you have a better overview abt. the Multis. If K1EA ever adds the EUHFC to CT..???

DL3KWF: Also in this contest we (Rosel, DL3KWR and me) have shared the time hour by hour and are satisfied with our results. Sorry, that we had EMC-problems on 15 meters with the keyboard.

DL3TD: Sorry, QRN, QRN, QRN...

DL5YM: Bad cond's this year - 10m nearly closed...hope next year better. Tried Cabrillo log but ...

EA1EAG: Worse conditions than the last years in 10 and 15 mts. I was almost all the contest on 20 mts. 40 and 80 with much noise.

EI4CF: Extremely rapid and deep QSB on 10 and 15m. Really like the 11 to 11 time slot.

ES5MC/0: My 1st EU HF Championship - was quite tough to compete with just low wire dipoles hanging from the trees at my summer QTH on Saaremaa island and a 100W rig. Thanks to all that could hear me on 160m, was using just a 80 and 40m crossed dipole at about 12m... Hope to CU next time!

ES5RY: Missed 10 meter opening. Target was 1200 qsos and 300000 points. See all next year again. Nice contest!

ES5TV: Great to take part in this contest for the first time! Will have a lot to improve for next year and to learn from mistakes. 10m conditions strange and poor. Usually no stations CQing in SSB and then suddenly G4PIQ/P coming 59+30:) An EU beverage could have helped a lot on low bands. Sry to all those southern European stations I could not pick up from the s8 noise on 160m. On 15m at the same time only southern stations were coming strong. One thing I definitely have to learn for next time is to ask: "What year did you obtain your first amateur radio licence?" in Italian:) It was hopeless to get something else than 59 001 from some of those guys no matter how hard I tried:)

EW8OS: Nice to meet everybody next year!

F5IN: Very very bad propagation on 10 and 15m

F6IRF: 1st attempt with my modest home station. Enjoyed the contest despite the very bad prop. conditions and very noisy RX due to thunderstorm and heavy rains.

G0MTN: Another good contest. Difficult HF conditions this year, very little on 10m, and E's to the Baltic countries on 21 MHz. Pleased
to work many old friends. The EUHFC is a great contest for low power stations.

G0WXJ: Very bad conditions with lightening and thunder locally.

G3SXW: Propagation was terrible this year, especially 10 + 15 mtrs. I only operated 9.7 hours so average hourly QSO rate is only 49!

G3TXF: A really excellent contest. The twelve hour format is ideal (although the G's and EI's might argue for the Contest to be an hour or so later so that we at least get some darkness for 160m!). The contest exchange is both original and interesting, although there still appears to be some confusion as to which 'year'to give. Were all those (super-fast) R3Z.. stations really new-comers in 2002? Conditions were not so good as last year, particularly on 15m and 20m, although my multiplier total was only slightly down on last year because I made some QSOs on 160m which I didn't do in 2001. Thanks also for publishing a nice results booklet. That makes a nice souvenir of the EUHF Championship.

G3VAO: QRN from local storm made it hard work

G4VQO: Not a full-time effort - very poor conditions

HB9DCM: Very pleasent contest. Once again I have been very surprised to find several OM with more than 50 years of licence. Special
congratulations to G5OD which pass his licenece in 1934 (68 years of activity). Always young thanks to CW..... 

I1COB: Bad Propafation + Bad Participation = Bad Contest!!!

IK2HKT: A thunderstorm at 20:00 gmt cancelled any possibility of qso on 80 and 160 meter .... this was first time in EU Contest and I'm surprise for great fun!

IZ3ESV: Nice contest, but too noisy bands! I need a setup for 40m, it's necessary! TNX

LY2MM:I am still making progress - improved last year's score despite of poor conditions. 10 meters were awful - great thanks to everybody hearing my weak signal. It could be worse - Roger G3SXW asked me to QSY to 28 MHz, worked him and couple more multipliers...

LY5W: Conditions were poor. Made 200 QSO's less than last year.

OH0B: I had a great opportunity to hit the airwaves again at the OH0B contest station. OH2PM and OH2TA had made a superb job at OH0 last weekend making the station ready for the autumn contest season. All I had to do was walk to the ready table. Unfortunately the propagation was not as good as I hoped for and most of the time the bands were going up and down. I'd almost missed 10m totally, but luckily the band opened as late as 17 Z again making it possible to pull my multiplier nearly as high as I had calculated. For some reason I donīt like that ten band changes per hour rule. It makes multiplier passing pretty difficult and the 2nd radio can be used most of the time only for filling the bandmap and cheking the propagation. I didnīt hear many stations passing any multipliers to other bands. It was great to hear many people on the band Iīd met during the WRTC 2002 event a couple of weeks ago. Now many of you have a face and a human aspect instead of just 599. Thanks again for the team behind the OH0B station and to all of you for those 1200 Qso's.

OL5Y: A lot of QRN, very bad CONDX on 10m and 15m for middle Europe... I like Mix category! Thanks to Jiri OK2RZ for possibility of use his station. And thanks to organizers for very good support of this very nice contest! I wanted to send Cabrillo log, but TR Log does not support CBR for EU HF (some required data was missed).

ON4KLG: Very nice contest. Had lot of fun mainly due to the number of participants. See you next year!

ON6TJ: Very pleasant contest for a saturday day! This is a pleasure to participate. WX stormy during 1 hour. My age is 67 and i hope
come back again in 2003.

ON6UQ: Great contest but very poor condx. Almost nothing from the south.

ON7YX: Lousy condx and thunder didn't help much in the contest. But had a great time in this FB contest!

PA0LSK: Conditions were not too good. Mixed mode does do the job.

PA3BFH: Had lot of fun again. Contacted lot of old friends again.

PA5WT: Someone was sending a whole new kind of morse on my QRG on 40 meter. He even followed me when I changed the frequency. I tryed not to give him any attention but he stayed with me for about an hour. I hope he had a nice evening on his radio (HI). I certainly enjoyed this contest. The "summer"-QRN on 160 meter was very bad here.

PA7PTR: Very poor 10m conditions, just 1 station heard, unfortunally unable to work.

S53F: Conditions on 10 and 15 meters this year was not good. Anyway I enjoyed and see you next year.

S56A: Nice EU condx with 10 m sporadic E and low noise on 80 m!

S56M: Plans were good but everything has been changed :-))

S58A: No luck with hardware this time.

SM3EAE: First EU HF CONTEST here, very nice contest.

SM6KRI: Vy nice and fun contest! CU agn next year.

SN4PW: I was only 5 hours on air during very nice HAM-meeting in Koniewo.

SP2PIK: Bad conditions on 15 and 10, 40 was the best.

U1BA: Bad propagation compared to previous year

UA2FBQ: Very good contest, I'll take part next year with PC!

UA6JD: Worked just few hours - but enjoyed contest very much

UY7C: Terrible conditions!!! 15 and 20 m were low propagation, and on 40 & 80 m were BIG QRN about S9. Anyway, thanks for beautiful contest and hope better score in 2003!

YO3RU: Pure propagation on 21 MHz, no propagation on 28MHz.

YU7NU: Nice fingers workout with an old ET4C, single lever keyer by ZRS. I've thought it would be more useful in its Motherland contest, HI.Congrats again to SCC guys for this unique contest.