Comparing the results with those from the previous year we must state that this year’s results are somewhat lower (with exception of CW categories). The reason is a worse propagation compared to last year on 15 and 10 meters. Such conditions affected mostly Central and Western Europe, as we could read in the comments of the participants as well as in the final results. The number of stations with more than 1000 qsos is only a half of those from the last year. New record was established in the CW-LP category and high scores were attained also in the CW-HP category compared to others, which are significantly below those of previous year.

The winner in the CW/SSB HP category is Dimitri Kryukov RA9CO who operated at RK3AWL, followed by Tautvydas Misiunas LY2OX and Rolandas Jakubauskas LY2FY.  In the CW/SSB LP category the winner is Gediminas Lucinskas LY9A (LY3BA). The second is last year's winner Gyorgy Kasper HG5Z (HA1CW) and the third Vlad Aksenov RW1AC/1.

In the CW HP categories the first three places are won by Finns: the first is Tony Linden OH2JTE from the OH0B station, the second Timo Klimoff OH1F (OH1NOA) and the third Pertii Simovaara OH2PM. The highest score in the CW LP category was won by Andrius Ignotas LY7Z (LY2TA), the second is Laszlo Muller HA1DAC from the well known HG1S station and the third, always ranking among the highest scorers, Girts Budis YL8M.

The winner in the SSB HP category is Yuris Petersons YL7A, followed respectively by Nikolay Lavreka UX0FF on the second place and Tonno Vahk ES5TV on the third, who participated in this contest for the firs time. In the SSB LP category the first place goes to Obrad Kikovic YU1OJ, the second is Rimas Baltusis LY6A (LY2BM), followed by Tone Crv S54E.

The participation in the SWL category (as usually) was not very high. The winner is Vilmantas Morkunas LYR 794 followed by the last year’s winner Algis Kergzde LYB 68.

There has not been any difference in the national competition from the last year and Russia is first again, only within a hair’s breadth before Lithuania and Slovenia won the third place before Ukraine.

As part of EUHFC 2002, applying the same rules, was held also »Russian Federation on site HF Championship« with special calls R3Zxx.  They operated in the category CW/SSB LP on 40, 20 and 15m bands. We have received 39 logs and each competitor operated for only four hours. It was very interesting as well as welcome participation.

Most logs were received this year through the e-mail. But, there were a number of them in different formats that do not comply with the rules (Word, XLS or logs formed band by band). These logs impose on us an enormous amount of work because we have to transfer all of them into unified format. Some problems were caused also by logs that were not complete or only partial. Missing qso`s data lead into NIL (not in log) mark for the partner’s station, and the computer automatically penalizes them. Due to the high percentage of errors found in logs, 18 stations were dropped from the classification. One station was disqualified because of the violation of the rules (Paragraph #4). The operators, who had more than ten band changes in one hour, lost all qsos after the tenth qsy in that particular hour. Also this time, the contest was taped and the records compared to the logs.

In order to present the final results as best as possible and to have a cross check more effective, we strongly recommend to log exact frequency on which a particular qso was made (not just the band) when logging qso`s. Most of the logging programs have this option included, and we hope that also others, especially Boris UA1AAF with his outstanding program, will include this function. The frequency control will also serve to competitors themselves to eliminate possible wrong band loggings.

We are not changing the rules this year but we intend to change the time of the contest into the old time frame (12:00 to 23.59 UTC) in the future.

All of you, who have sent the logs via the e-mail and are interested in your .BAD reports, can get them on

Thanks for participation and see you in the EUHFC 2003!

Franc Bogataj, S59AA - EUHFC director

Ljubljana, 19-01-2003