I am dealing with radio amateur activity since November 1996. At the beginning I was visiting radio amateur class in radio club Domzale (S53CAB), where I get a lot of help from Boris (S53CC),Goran (S55OO) and Robert (S52GW). Beginning was hard. Telegraphy made me angry some times, but during the New Year holidays I started to love it. After New Year I began to cope with electronic part of an exam. I find it attractive. The main moment has been on 9.4.1997 when I passed radio amateur exam of the second category. I got my call sign (S57NOB) on 18.4.1997.

From 17.4.1997, when I first set down to the radio station with the purpose to made some connection I work on 80m (3.5MHz) band. You can here me if you switch the button on your receiver at frequency between 3525kHz and 3600kHz on telegraphy. Because I don't have my station yet, I work from Domzale's club under their call sign S53CAB. If you haven't noticed my name is Peter.

Here you can see QSL cards, which I send to confirm my connections with another station: S53CAB and S50C.

If you want to find some more information about the radio amateur activity, click here to see the official pages of Association of Radio Amateurs in Slovenia.