ARG is software for running ARDF (amateur radio direction finding) and ARO (amateur radio orienteering) competitions. It is designed for all windows versions from version 95 and up to XP&2000. With some additional programming it would be possible to run it even on Linux platforms.

Program was written by Peter Oresnik, S57NOB
Testing crew: Franci Zankar, S57CT & Sonja Mikos, S57OMS
ARG registration developer: Andrej Osterman, S51MO

- Contester database
- Unlimited number of categories
- Entry for a competition by E-mail  (with special software or by web entry form)
- Auto category calculation and check based on birth date
- Fast starting list generator with various options:

- flexible time difference between starting groups
- flexible number of contesters per starting group
- easy start list modification
- save and reload start list
- special start list rulles

- Time measuring with ARG registration system designed by S51MO or by connecting sensor or some key.
- Various result prints and print previews including partial unofficial and final results
- Bulletin half-page printout (to create booklet style bulletin)
- Various statistics and result analysis print and previews
- Export and import wholle contest data (from and to csv)
- Various exports to Word (doc), Excel(xls), for packet radio(txt) and for web(html)
- Special client software for scrolling results on unlimited number of networked PC's with remote control from ARG running PC.
- Special software for e-mail entry for a competition
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