Transverter Kuhne 34G2 and amplifier Ionica


For the frequency band 9 cm, we have assembled Kuhne transverter and to increase the output power amplifier Ionica. The amplifier is able to give on output 15W of power at the input of 1mW. The only problem is amplifier power supply, it needs a few different power supply voltages, and a time difference between them, otherwise there is a possibility of the destruction amplifier. Base guidance I found on the website GM41SM, but I quickly find out that I have to slightly modify the scheme and draw the board, which is not available on the page.

So was born the new scheme.

A proposal for board, schedule elements.


In the composition, I had the most problems with choke L1, which must be winded in the right core with a enough thick wire. For core, I am used ferrite core in which I wind 50 turns of wire 0.6 mm. My inductance coils has reached 120 uH.

I did some measurements to determine if all working property.

Turning on the power supply, negative voltage and the main power supply:

2 3

The second chart show that the 9,6 V power supply turns on when a negative voltage exceed -10.6 V, the delay is 21ms.

Turning off the power supply:

4 5

I see that the supply voltage switch off when it exceed a negative voltage of -12V, the delay 35.6 ms. Negative voltage slowly increases, and somewhere after 5s reaches approximately 0V, which is responsible capacitor 1000uF.