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S55O (ex s56wtt, s57wtt)

QSL: LOTW (preferred!), Direct or Biro (via S54G - info on QRZ.com)


Member of: Radioklub Triglav S53APR (working as S51A in contests), Radioklub Burja (s51wnd, s55w)  Slovenia contestclub member (SCC), ex-WWYC member #540

Administrator of the S5 hamradio forum LEA Hamradio .


Hamradio Projects:

(My thanks goes to S56WIX, S59MA, S52X, S57TS, SJ2W and S54MTB) PCB's and KIT’s on request.


Stackmatch control / universal control SMCTL v2 1-10 keys (nov 2015) (by s56wix, s55o and s57ts)

Same as v1, but 10 keys + k9ay program. Antenna switch controller, stackmatch controller, K9AY receive antenna controller, 12V controller. Upgraded version from smctl v1 to 10 keys that can be used for antenna switch up to 1x10 (1x4, 1x6, and other), and a dedicated program for the K9AY loop with preamp control.



Antenna switch 1x6 (jan 2015) (s54mtb s55o) - antenna relay 6x1 switch with 12V relays for hamradio use. SWR under 1:1,18 on all HF bands. Tested 3kW RTTY key down. N or PL connectors






Antenna switch 1x10 (jan 2015) (s54mtb s55o) - antenna relay 10x1 switch with 12V relays for hamradio use. SWR under 1:1,2 on all HF bands. Tested 3kW RTTY key down. N or PL connectors





Stackmatch control / universal control SMCTL v1 1-6 keys (by s56wix and s55o) (2013)

3 button (key) stackmatch controller for sj2w, 4o3a and other stackmatches. It can also control up to 1x6 antenna switches and up to 6 different users with 12V on off switch. Up to 1x6 Antenna switch remote controller. No more turn knobs! Control comes with 3 or 6 buttons and is used to control stackmatches and antenna switchers and other.



RF Limiter for RX antenna port (jan 2015) - To limit strong RF signals that can burn your RX antenna port and your radio.


1x1 Antenna grounding switch (jan 2015) – simple 1x2 to ground the unused antenna






Antenna Ştack match for 3 antennas (sj2w) (2013) Stackmatch for up to 3 antennas in stack, PCB's made by Mike SJ2W. N or PL connectors. Tested 3kW RTTY key down.


Antenna switch 1x6 with Iskra TRP651 FINISHED 01/2008 (2010)


Ft1000 Mark V interface (s52x)


NEW!! ALL Gerbers and programs can be downloaded HERE. If you use our work, please give me feedback or if you change the code let me know and I’ll add it here for public use.


 If you like my work you can donate a few $ for future projects. Paypal: s55o@hamradio.si




Antenna's Projects:

My thanks to Vinko S53F, that did some great EZNec files for our hamradio community.

-           Stack 2 verticals for 80m (s53f)

-           Beverage 156m (s53f)

-           Phased Verticals for 7 Mhz and comparison 2,3,4 verticals (s53f)

-           WARC multiband vertical (s53f)

-           WARC 3 band fan dipole (30/17/12m) (s53f)

-           Multiband Dipole S56A NG – Slovenian

-           MORGAIN antenna for 160 and 80 (Slovenian translation)




Soglasje za uporabo in posredovanje osebnih podatkov za delovanje društva in Zveze radioamaterjev Slovenije



Radioamatersko izobraževalno srečanje 2014 – Pregled zakonodaje (PDF) (PPT)



2011 – EUHFC 1. SSB HP as S51A

2015 – SCC RTTY 1. SOAB HP as S51A



Finance in Nedeljski Dnevnik



Locator: JN76HC (QTH Ljubljana) or JN76GC (S51A)

Contact (email): s_5_5_o_(on)_h_a_m_r_a_d_i_o_._s_i

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