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VHFCTEST is a contest logging program for VHF&up contests (IARU Region 1 rules). It is easy to use but it still can't read users minds... Anyhow, there is a new release after every contest, hi - so the program asymptotically approaches to the futuristic end - the almighty contest logging program that needs no humans at all. But with all those bugs I am sure (and I hope) that this will not happen very soon - hi.

I wrote the program in 1989 for our VHF contest group "Sneznik" that was QRV from JN75FO. It was a PC version of my old VHF contest logging program written for SPECTRUM. That was version 1.0a; the latest version is 3.0f!

It is called VHFCTEST! It was written for real time contesting. It is still meant for real time contesting - that is:
- only few functions and options (it has only one help screen).
- no million of configuration possibilities and megabyte help files.
- no billion functions and pieces of paper sheet attached to the wall for recalling those functions.
- no tons of statistics - only the most useful ones.
Only 5 files are needed for program to run :
- VHFCTEST.EXE, the main program, screen view
- VHFCTEST.CFG, configuration file
- CONTEST.CFG, summary sheet data file
- VHFCW.EXE, CW TSR by Pavle/S57RA - it turns PC into CW keyer, only simple interface and paddle are needed (also PTT and VOICE key out).
- VHFCT.LIB, library of calls and ULs
- (plus TFPCX.EXE if PR support is used).
The whole software package includes 2 more programs:
- VHFSTAT.EXE, program for various statistics, statistics example
- VHFLIB.EXE, program for library managing, log checking and data file conversions (EDI)
It is a five lingual program (S5, G, DL, I and 9A) and it is public domain.

If you love it you will persist using it - HI.

Download: vhfct30f.exe

Last updated: 12.09.2001 (also the last version of this DOS based progam)

BUT - an excellent program for real time VHF&up contest logging under Windows VHFCtest4WIN is available at S52AA Home Page

S5 MARATON v2.0f:

Program za vodenje dnevnika za S5 MARATON tekmovanje. Programski paket se imenuje MRTN20F.EXE. Program je v bistvu prirejen VHFCTEST, zato zanj veljajo ista navodila za uporabo. Kar se razlikuje, je zapisano v MARATON.DOC!

Download: mrtn20f.exe

Last updated: 12.01.1998 

Vse informacije v zvezi s tekmovanjem dobite na uradni strani S5 Maratona

Roza/s52aa je predelal svoj VHFCtest4WIN za Maraton po novih pravilih (2004 - ) - S52AA Home Page