This is my amateur activity on field of video.

All photography and video is made by simple camera, old mobitel and micro camera-locket.


S52AB/B - CW beacon on 3578.8 kHz, 1 W Vpp, 9 WPM

YO8RIX/B - beacon on 10139.3kHz with only 20mW

OK0EPB-7039kHz / exact pendlum beacon

IK1HGI beacon on 7040 kHz, power 100mW !

473kHz - Signal level measure for ERP, 10./11.Januar 2013

Three aero NDB from Istra - HRV/Croatia (VRS, VL, KAV)

SAQ - 17.2 kHz / 01.July 2012

SM6BGP  CW QSO on 502.6 kHz

G3KEV  CW QSO on 501.6 kHz

EI0CF  CW QSO on 502.6 kHz

YO2IS  CW qso on 501.9 kHz

600m. CW QSO S52AB - 4O5A/4O4B

600m. QRSS QSO S52AB - ES5AM

600 m. CW QSO S52AB - OR7T

My first 600 m. QSO

S52R-Tone/my switching tower

SAQ-17,2 kHz/03.July 2011

LF Time signals (MSF, RBU, BPC, HBG, DCF77)

M21 - russian HF time signal

HD2IOA time signal on 3810 kHz

Russian the "PIP" & Squeaky Wheel messages (4 video)

BPM time signal on 10 MHz - CW and voice

MDZhB - analysis of "buzz" signal

MDZhB - 11 messages with nice russian picture on sunset sky

MDZhB - nois figure of "apocalypse"...

UVB-76/MDZhB - new KZJT LNR4 (Februar 14.2011)

(PIP, marker "R", frequency marker(squeaky wheel), RDL 18.1 kHz
Much information  !

SAQ - 17.2 kHz in Januar 03.2011

HF Horizontal radars

Brsljin in winter - December 03.2010

Cat's game (Macja igra) in July 2010

ALPHA - Part 3
Changeable work mode on ALPHA transmitters

Street of Novo mesto-Slovenia
Continuation of my video "My walk trough Novo mesto"

ALPHA  RSDN-20/Part-2/Revda   New mode working

Test: SAQ Panoramic VLF Receiver version 0.6

SAQ 17.2 kHz - October 24.2010
This is extra SAQ transmission on "United Nations Day" October 24.2010

JJY - Japanese Time Signal on 40 kHz

VLF Time Signals  on 25.0 kHz

ALPHA  RSDN-20  Old mode working

UVB-76 voice message

UVB-76 is active again, also two UNID Buzzer on 4666 and 4709 kHz

UVB-76 is in QRT, but on this frequency is no boredom...

Russian The "PIP" Signal on 3756 (night-time) and 5448kHz (daytime)

Russian Frequency Marker on 5475 kHz

Russian buzzer UVB-76 on 4625 kHz

BPM China Time Signal on 10 MHz

Russian Frequency Marker on 3830 kHz

SAQ - Alexanderson alternator on 17.2 kHz,  July 04. 2010
RX: RFT EKD 300 and Antena: Mini Whip PA0RDT

ROMA & VATICAN - Square of St. Peter´s
Shorth trip in the Roma and Vatican, March 31. 2010

ROMA & VATICAN - museum of Vatican with Vivaldi music
By shorth trip in the Roma and Vatican. March 31. 2010

ROMA&VATICAN-thre basilic of the Roma
Shorth trip in the Roma in Marz 31to April 01.2010

ROMA&VATICAN-some the sights of Roma
Shorth trip in the Roma

ROMA&VATICAN-street of Roma
Video blocked in some countries ...!
Shorth trip in the Roma and Vatican in Marz 31 to 01.Aplil 2010

RX little test: SDR DR2-2 and RFT EKD 300

Novo mesto-Brsljin to Kamenska gora
With pleasure on our wine hill with authenticity slovenian musik ...

My walk trough Novo mesto-Slovenia

Novo mesto-Slovenia by micro camera

Golusnik in winter sunshine day
Some picture my radioamateur location in winter sunshine day

"Enej´s litle train"
Video make my grandson Enej - 6 year ago.

"Enej´s ICE lego train"
This video make my grandson Enej - 6 year ago.

My grandson Enej in kinder garten choir. Song: "Ko si srecen" Video make by Milica.

My grandson Enej in kinder garten choir

My grandson Enej in kinder garten choir

My grandson in kinder garten choir. Song "So lepe rožice in sonček". This is one from first video my wife Milica.


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