S52AB - ERP measure on 473 kHz

TX Antenna on 480m. ASL; 7m up, 27m. long (inv.V) ANT wire Alu 6mm diameter
TX: 21 W , measure with HP 435A & power sensor HP8483A
Antenna current with
top hat coil 1.2 A RF (measure with thermo couple Am.)
Increase the level of ERP with coil, is around 60 %
TX antenna radiation efficiency is then  0.16/21*100=76% taking into account gain  of 3
     (4.8dB) for short monopole on perfect ground. The biggest unkown in this calculation in
     the RX loop antenna factor (value used is -41,6dB)
Measure with W&G SPM3 Z/om: 0 dB = 0.775V, 75om
RX Antena is 1m. diameter non-resonant loop made with RG213 coax cable

ERP: 7 loc. 0.24W / loc.: 3-4-5-6 = 0.16W-this is probably the real value

Video of measure all 14 location

Special thanks: Roman S52AS, Lubos OK2BVG, Sinisa S52ST, Geri DK8KW and Robi S53WW

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