the transmission of RF energy
and radiation antenna
on 137 kHz

1. Radiation antenna that delivers the best possible ERP (effective radiated power), radiated vertical part of the antenna. By measuring antenna, I checked
the horisontal part of antenna (horisontally polarisation measuring antenna loop), but this is significantly lower than it radiates both vertical  part of the antenna

2. The antenna is tuned to maximum current and not in the best SWR !  And finally the control with an antenna analizer. There are
no large deviations . Advantage has a maximum antenna current !  Of course, as measured by the RF A meter - thermocouple tipe.

3. This antenna is used also on 473 kHz. The second vertical side of the antenna (pointing toward the ground), increase additional RF current 0.3 A at 473 kHz.
Same as added "top-hat" coil in the antenna. At this frequency the test I did not worked.

4. All metal construction on the building and around the building (beside radials of course), are connected to a grounded part of matching transformer.


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