Building the S57IIO Station

My grandfather found the place

The machine is doing the hard job

An old cheap tower...

Another perspective

In two pieces...

My mother, me and my grandfather with basement stuff

My grandfather, me and my mother

assembling the tower

The vineyard with ground system

A smaller machine

Another view

Building a small wall

Around the tower...

The tower in the morning...

Then the man for everything Veljko S52U, making the difference

Another view

The mast in position

Assembling the 5el. Force12 21Mhz

Janko S50M and Kristjan S57IIO

Antenna is up...

Veljko S52U and Janko S50M

First antenna test...

Time to drink something

(from left: Janko S50M, me S57IIO, my mother, Veljko S52U)

Flowers around the base...

from left: me, my mother, my grandfather

Flower work

Flowers everywhere...

S57IIO Location JN65UV

Moonlike sun during the 1999 Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse - a day after putting up the 21MHz antenna