S56IIO/S57IIO First steps...

My operating site on portable contests.

06.08.1995 on Batognica 2163m ASL, JN66UG AA VHF 95

S57JTX and S56IJQ.

08.10.1995 on Plesa 1200m ASL IARU SHF with Darko, S57UUD.

18.11.1995, Korada - JN66SB. From left: S57NID, S57IIO, S57KRI, S57JFL

02.03¸1996 March VHF on Korada 812m ASL JN66SB.

02.06.1997 at S53AAN Contest location JN65WW.

S57MJC and S57IIO

S52U climbing the tower on Trstelj JN65UU

Windom antenna in position

Another view

Mounting the TH6DXX in July 1998, IARU HF

S52U again on tower, my home location August 1998

Location Lokvica JN65TU

Alpe Adria Contest on Korada JN66SB 812m ASL

On the left: Leon S56ILN

Multiband portable operation May 1997

23cm operating site

2m packet link for DXCluster and 70cm operating position