24.2.2002 preparations at S57IIO

S57LWG with coax S57ONW S57IIO S57LWG

Antenna for 10m

Antenna with group

S57IIO location in sunset




26.2.2002 preparations at S51TA

S51TA operating desk S51TA happy... khm... with mess...
4el 20m Tower with S51TA

5el 15m

"I'm sure that I put it somewhere overhere..." S51TA time to drive home




2./3.3.2002 S57IIO/S57LWG activity

Do not disturb ! "Idiots at work"

10m equipment 15m equipment

Both, close together

Mitja S57LWG Cris S57IIO S&P
S57IIO logging                       S57LWG just CQing :) 10m closed, end of fun

Day after... Well, I wish... 5 towers not just 5 keybords...