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Address:     leo.xhoko@rtvslo.si     or     s50r@email.si

Hi!   My name is Leo!

I am glad you visited my Home Page. Here you can find some notes, views and drops from my everyday life, work, free time and hobbyes. May be you can find something interesting or new. Let me know your opinion and any advice would be appreciated.

I must add some basic notes about myself, so you can got a clue with whom you are dealing.

I finished Colegue in IDRIJA in Western Slovenia. The  area was Italian proovince until 1943. After the II.WW belonged to Yugoslavia and  from 1991 is independent Republica of Slovenia.  From May 1.st we are the Member of  EU Union.

I graduated on University of Ljubljana, as BSEE. Area of my occupancy was Electro Energetic Systems, Pruducting Technology, HF Communications. My employer was ISKRA in Ljubljana, UN (UNTSO) Jerusalem. I work now on National RTV in LJUBLJANA.