DL3KWF	After this contest I have take the bottle of "S5 HAM Spiritus", a present of
		your contest club of the HAMRADIO in Friedrichshaffen,together with my XYL and
		Rosel, DL3KWR

	ER0F	Idea with hams's years doing very good job...

	EW8OS	Had a lovely weekend on the air

	G4OGB	I was very dissapointed at points lost last year...

	G5LP	Plenty of stations to work - good fun as usual

	I1COB	My thrird participation.Nice contest Big Amusement

	I4JMY	It wouldn't be bad to reduce geographical gaps submitting an 8 hour selected
		log among the 12 hours of the whole contest

	IZ0AIM	... a distinctive thanks to UA1AAF for the new software!

	IV3TAN	Many thanks to my friend Pierino IV3YYK who gave me the possibility to use his
		beautiful antennas and equipment..

	I2VXJ	Improved last year score for more participation and no thunderstorm...

	LX4B	UFB soft by UA1AAF...

	LY2MM	Some of last year rules changes are really necessary, 10 band/mode changes are
		enough for those, who try to make a score in a honest way. On the other hand
		devaluation of CW QSO's hasn't be very attractive...

	LY2OX	Worse on 15 and 10 this year...

	OH1F	...more QSO's than ever before! Equalizing the points of CW and SSB is a good
		change. Exact log checking is the best part of this contest!

	OH3IR	Condx on 10 and 15 m were nonexistent, too bad...

	OL5Y	OK is a bad position for this type competition, UT7Z on 20 m 59+60dB and
		10 KHz wide...

	ON4ATW	Never tought there were so may Oldtimer still active..

	ON4BCJ	My fifth EUHFC, had a lot of fun again...very hard to keep run frequency with
		100 W!

	RA1AIM	It's really high-rate contest

	RA3AUU	It's my favorite contest which I enjoy very much. My XYL is happy as well - it
		doesn,t steal me from her for too long

	RA3XO	...this year played for fun and for national score points..Please mention on
		your web-site and in results all the contestants with numbers below 60, we
		should know them...

	RW3FO	I recorded my operation on the tape deck. I can submit the record if requested.

	S50K	I spend too much time chasing empty 15 and 10 in late afternoon. Very
		encouraging activity on CW overall...

	S50U	Smoke from amplifier pushed me into low power category...

	S51TA	First time with dual radio mode. A lot of statics particulary on low bands..

	S56A	Lot of UA stns

	S57AW	Big activity from UA and LY. Bad conditions on 10, 160 was very noisy

	SV1EDY	The software that was made for this contest is very good and really helps

	UA3BL   ...idea not to count local amateurs report as multiplier

	YO4NF	It was my first time and I enjoy it a lot. Good participation from Eastern
		Europe countries

	YO9KVV	(YO9GJY op) I am 13 years old (congrats!)