With great satisfaction we ascertain that EUHFC99 was a record
	-breaking event in every respect: a target of 500 submitted logs
	set a few years ago has been achieved, exceeding last year's
	figure by more than 100, highest ranking stations regulary run
	average rates of over 100 contacts per hour and most of the logs
	received are now submitted via e-mail. The competition therefore
	advances by most optymistic scenario, with perhaps one minor
	exception: number of CW entries is growing every year, thus
	dominating SSB. Although CW and SSB QSO points were equalized,
	this has not resulted in stimulating SSB participation, with
	exception of balancing number of CW and SSB contacts in CW/SSB
	category.However, only coming years will prove, if very high CW
	activity is a direct consequence of old rules, or a general
	pattern in mixed contests.

	No less than 14 stations exceeded 1000 valid contacts, with
	exactly the same number coming just a bit of this figure. With
	an everage of 100 contacts per hours, being more of a rule than
	an exception for the first 10 entrants in HP categories, not
	every contest could side with EUHFC.
	Looking at the list of participating countries,number of Russian
	stations has rised sharply. Credit should be given to UA1AAF, who
	launched his fine, EUHFC dedicated logging software, just prior to
	contest. We received 64 logs using his software.

	This year's winners on national list are Russians, also taking most
	top ten spots in both CW/SSB categories. Defending champions,
	Lithuanians are second, third came Ukrainians closely followed by
	the Slovenians.

	The winner in CW/SSB-HP category is J48QEI, Stefano Brioschi (IK2QEI)
	who visited Crete Island. He efficiently took adventage of his
	attractive call-sign and great propagation on higher bands.
	CW/SSB-LP honors go to Dan, S50U, operating from WRTC2000 station
	S50E. In CW-HP category the winner is Ken V. Yernev, UU2JZ and LP
	best score comes from Emil, 9A9A. Champion in SSB-HP is Ari Korhonen,
	OH0Z and LP win goes to Italy, To Alberto Annesi, IV3TAN.
	SWL category winner is Vilmantas Morkunas, LYR-794.

	Compliments prevail in most comments, although some suggestions for
	changing contest rules were also proposed. However, we strongly 
	believe that no change is necessary at this stage. Perhaps it would
	be very helpfull, if highest ranking stations would consider
	recording the whole contest. This should not be a technical problem
	any longer and could firmly proof correctness of operation on the
	other hand.

	At the end,let me to congratulate all the winners, highest ranked
	stations and all of you for great participation. A special mention
	is made of Mirko, S57AD, for computer processing the logs and making
	a thorough statistical report. I'd also like to thank Dan, S50U for
	sorting and processing all e-mail submissions. And finally, I wil
	gladly accept Emil's, 9A9A invitation to attend his CW-LP operation
	during the EUHFC 2000.

	Franc Bogataj, S59AA
	Contest Director