The first SCC RTTY Championship 1998 impressions
Marijan Miletic, S56A, N1YU, contest director
On August 27th, 1998 an unusual star exploded some 15.000 light years away from us but
caused havoc in the ionosphere for the next few days.  It was newly discovered only 3 month
ago and named magnastar with the strongest magnetic field ever recorded of 10**15 Gauss
compared with our poor Earth of only 0.6 Gauss.
Even sunspots produce only 1000 Gauss outbursts.

The very first Slovenian Contest Club RTTY Championship begun on Saturday,Aug 30th at
12:00 UTC.
I started on 15m band and soon found OC Randy, K5ZD kindly signing /1 as asked by the
organizers. CONDX were so poor with a lot of absorption that he peaked only S7 instead of
usual 599++. Not much DX was worked during the whole 24 hours period but each QSO 
counted and unique multipliers of the year first licensed kept accumulating unexpectedly but
as default.  Ten meters band brought only a few sporadic E contacts, 15m was not in a good
DX shape, 20m was most RTTY productive as always, 40m was quite reasonable and 80m
noisy but steady.
I ended up with 360 QSO after a short overnight sleep when EU activity almost disappeared.

Email logs begun pouring to immediately from all continents.
Everybody complained about condx but liked new contest format and made a local QSO.
We received total of 152 logs in WF1B, Writelog, Word, Excell and various ASCII formats.
Ray, N8YYS kept sorting claimed scores I was forwarding him from 4.000 miles away.
Mirko, S57AD was patiently and relentlessly entering paper logs mainly printed from computer 
programs back into the machine.  We assume everybody is using computers these days for RTTY
and we are kindly asking you to prepare electronic log for us and mail it on the disk, if you are not
on Internet yet.
We can save few trees by avoiding obsolete signed paper logs in the future.
All logs were converted into the WF1B.ALL format thanks to authors kind donation of his famous
contest program timely modified to our unique rules. Database of all worked call-signs and associated
four digit reports was build and logs cross-checked against it.  Modified scores were calculated and
some even improved due to wrong initial scoring or overlooked mults. 
Leon, S59L and Leo, S51MG included our RTTY scores with EUHFC annual results brochure.
Dragan, S57TDA from Svet Elektronike cosponsoring magazine did most of the award design, printing
and mailing.
The most popular RTTY category was single operator, all bands, low power with stations running less
than 100W.  So we decided to lower our threshold to that level also avoiding potential confusion for
the high power stations from the countries with a 200W legal limit.
So we hope to see you again last weekend in August.
CONDX can't be worse :-)
RYRYRY UE de Mario, S56A, N1YU