I worked RTTY for the first time after my husband 9A3CY made a modem!
73 & 88 de YL Vesna, 9A6ACY
There was not much activity in this first SCC RTTY Championship.
This was my second RTTY contest.
73 de Patrik, 9A5AEI from 9A7P team.
Thanks for sponsoring the contest, maybe next year the conditions will be better!
73 Tim Mohr, AA9RR
Nice contest
CX7BF Walter Giovannini.
Pse cfm receipt. TIA.
Eddie W6/G0AZT
Liked the test, pity conditions were not better, will try again next year.
73's John GW4KHQ
A very enjoyable contest but hard work.  It was difficult to know if activity 
was low, or conditions were very poor during the contest, but talking to other
operators it was obviously just the conditions that made it difficult to find
many contacts. It was good to see so many Slovenian stations on the air, but
also noted that some of them were the only ones not sending the full four digit
year number! Thanks for your work in runnung the contest, and hope to see you
in other tests this year.
73 John GW4SKA
Hope to be active for entire Contest next year.
73 de Maurizio, I4MKN
Condx was not so good, but enjoyed a lot.
Met many good old friends!
73 de Masao JA1AYC
I enjoyd SCC RTTY Championship  very much.
Akira Inoue, JH1OAI
Only a few QSOs.
Single Operator, All Band, High Power USA, W1
Randy, K5ZD
Had a good time during the time I got to operate...
Wayne Matlock, K7WM
Thanks for a great contest. Hopefully better condx next year.
73 de Bob, KI6DY/0
Here is my effort in the first worldwide SCC
1998 Rtty contest, which I enjoyed very much
and looks like a winner for years to come, but
most stations will not participate unless the condx
are vy good, they missed out on a good contest, and
the format is excellent, wish the SCC committee all
the success in years to come.
73 de KK5OQ
Mny tks for organising the test.
Best Luck, George, LU5VV
Club Station LY1BZB
### SHOW MUST GO ON !!! ###
Tnx fer nice contest, but bands were not too good...
Hope the next year will be better...
73 - Giedrius, LY2CG
Best wishes for you all and 73 de Dick, N1RCT
Hello! Thank you for a very fine contest. I do hope that next
year the propagation will be better. (How could it be any worse?)
73 from Grayland, Washington....  George, N7GC
Thank you for sponsoring the SCC RTTY Contest. I hope band
conditions will be better next year.
73, Bill, NA2M (ex-W2UD, W2PQZ)       
I did not participate very long in contest due to many distractions at home
Hpe to cu in next year SCC contest.
73 de John, NH6XM
Good wishes: Erkki I. Suikki, OH1UP
Interesting message format gives some individual information on fellow contestants.  
Thank you for introducing another entry into the selection of RTTY contests.
73 de Tapani, OH2LU
Here you have my log for SCC rtty test !
73's  Carl OH6XY
Glad to see a new RTTY competition.
Hope more free time next year to be QRV seriously.
73 de Jean-Jacques ONL-383
Please find attached my MS EXCEL 5.0 contest log.
VY 73 es cul Wolfgang, OZ7XE
The EU Championship is always again an atractive contest for me.  
It doesn't require a powerful rig and big antennas.  
This contest is still fun, no war on the bands.
As often, I forgot to plan this contest, so I was surprised to hear the
activity just in time.  Success with the organisation, you offered many 
ham a nice time, thanks.
Thieu, PA0MPM
Here is the log and summary sheet of PI4EUR.  It's made in Words format.
73 Peter, PA3HCF 
Attached herewith you will find the file PT2BW.TXT.
73, Ari PT2BW
Hello agn ...
I am sending a second edition of the log for the test ..
I was thinking taking a trip outside .. but the weather was not on my side HI
Rain .. rain ...
Best of 73 .. and tnks fr test ...  Paul J Hanssen, LA1PHA
Hi Mario,
I am sending the log for SCC RTTY 1998 also to you as I did to scc@hamradio.si
73 de Ivo S54A
I am sending the log of the scc rtty 1998 contest!
73 de Vlado S55A 
I am sending ziped text files in WF1B, V4.1 format.
73 de Jure, S57XX
Hi Mario, I hope my log is ok.
73 Leon, S59L
Proud to take part in the first SCC contest!
73 de Nils, SM6BSK
This was the first RTTY expierence for 4 years old Gregor, who has made his firrst
20 qso's as a ham!  He said he will help us in the next rtty test in the future because
he likes rtty.We tried to show and explain rtty to my daughters aged 12 and 13 but no
success - hi!
Few stations were the new "ones" for me on 21/28 MHz, so I have used my own call also,
because SN1I is the contest call and not belongs to me but to our club!
73 de Ed SP1MHV
Nice contest. See you again soon.
Christopher SP2UUU
A fun contest.  I wish the band conditions were a little better.
Here in northern BC, Canada conditions were marginal to say the least.
Look forward to next year.
73 de Pat, VE7AGJ
Gentlemen, thank you for the contest!
Propagation will be better next time.
73 de John, W9ISC
Great idea for a contest and I had a good time. Writelog which
doesn't yet support this contest entirely worked as always, flawlessly.
The bands, well they weren't working here. Small problem with my
location I am afraid. Mults were pretty easy and I just love the scoring.
This will be a great contest in years to come and we should get some good
participation. The weekend is perfect.
Jay, WS7I
Thanks for a nice activity & CU next year.
73/GL Nikola YU1BO
In the contest we were giving YU7AL 1972, but neither of us was even born then!
Goran was born in 1983 and I was in 1980...
73 de yz7em (YU7AL sons)
I am sending the second copy of my log as YZ7ED programer made a mistake!
73 Arpad  YU7AM
I thougt I'd spend more time in the contest.  CONDX could have been better.
Ray, WF1B did a great job with ver. 4.1.  It was a pleasure to participate
and CU next SCC.
73's  YU7YG
Hi all in SCC!
I had trouble with Toshiba 486 laptop on 15m with IC-735, KAM plus and GP!
CU next year with a better score.
73 Z31GB Zoki
Hi all, Good luck with the work in progress.
73 de Krste Z31GX.
Thanks for running this new and interesting contest. My log attached.
73 Bob, ZL2AMI
Greetings to all,Many tnx for fb contest!!
73 de John, ZL2JO