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First Low Power effort from 4O3A station and my second EUHFC. I was surprised with activity on low bands. Quite a lot busted skimmer calls kept the bandmap filled, but quite a few worked when run rate was slow. Also like the short format, with all bands and modes it is quite interesting contest.

Proceeding for a short vacation before returning for WAE. 73 Ivo I7/9A3A, E73A



Operated about 5 hours of the contest just to warm up the station :) very bad cndx on 10m! 73's Jose Lopes CT1CJJ



fun contest with fb CW OPs. See u in WAE next weekend. 73 de Manfred, DJ5MW



My second EUHFC. Very nice contest with a good 12h format full of activity. Thanks for all QSOs, Vy73 Matt - DJ8OG



Very bad start here..... Didnt use DXC at begining (first 4-5h) and lost a lot of time with decent rates on 15 and 10 trying to generate mults! There was no more chance to catch up anymore with top scores guys! Congrats to UW2M, RW1A, DJ5MW, F8DBF and others! Contest was funny as allways and it was great pleasure to enjoy great CW OPs! 73s and CU in next one! Braco E77DX



Condx...buffff, but funny!!!



I had prepared for a HP MIXED effort but after a couple of hours of CW when I tried to work SSB and only managed 2 QSOs in 5 minutes I gave in to the temptation and switched to CW-only category. The CW-rates are always so nice in EUHFC with lots of excellent CW operators around and thus it is much more enjoyable IMO. 10 meters was poor in the beginning and even worse later at night. I could see lots of mults in the bandmap but couldnt hear any of them. Calling CQ with the second radio on an empty band resulted in a few QSOs. 15 wasnt very good either, signals were weak and rates low. The inband 2nd radio worked great on the lower bands when the rates permitted, though the operator was a bit rusty at times. My apologies to people who had to wait for the response for a little longer than usual when I was completing the QSOs on the second radio. 500 QSOs were worked on the 2nd radio, ca 33% of the total. Many thanks to all the fine CW-ops for the QSOs and to ES5TV for letting me work EUHFC from his station again! 73, Toivo, ES2RR

P.S. Those 2 SSB-QSOs will be included in the log, so the RA1- and the E7-station dont have to worry about losing their QSOs ;-)



one radio + 100w - lost time on high bands - strategic mistake! anyway fun and next year again. Thanks for callers! 73!Tom ES5RY



Should have started on 10 meters. We had ~30 minute opening at the start, but for some reason I chose to start on 20 meters. A lot of multipliers lost. 20 meters was quite OK until the end. Had 65 multipliers on 20 which is new personal record in this contest.  73! Kris ES7GM



The propagation was very poor on high band (10m and 15m). The 10m band was open to 19h00 UTC with great signal from east Europe but nobody (R7KW was S9+). Thank you all's for the qso's. F4DXW Stphane



Thanks all for QSO. Best 73's F8DBF Seb



Very nice contest. I enjoy it very much. Almost good conditions. No prop on 10m. 15m not good, maybe because of thunderstorm on alps... 160m bad antenna. CU next year de HB2K, op HB9OCR Marco



Elecraft K3 100 Watts, antennas: Force 12 C-4s ( 2 elements on 28/21/14 MHz - dipole on 7 MHz ) Inverted L for 3,5 and 1,8 MHz Thanks to all for QSO's 73's Phil - HB9ARF



First ever participation to this contest, so I had to develop tactics on the go; performance did improve with time. Not much happening on high bands, good runs on 20; towards the end pure S&P

proved to be more efficent than running. Funny enough, didn't work any station licenced 2010 on any bands... Marco HB9CAT



I enjoyed the contest! RIG: TS-870s ANT 14-21-28: 2x3 el. 160-80-40: horizont oblong, INV V. GP; VY 73! Zsolt



RIG:FT-101Z 100W ANT:Inv vee dipoles for 80 & 160m. 4B Vertical ECO Tribander beam ECO.

73 DX Ati HA8GY



Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM



K3 90w-MKII-Dx88 vertical multiband -QARtest as software. 73 de in3fhe, Helga



As usual a very enjoable contest with nice rate despite condition on 10m/15m were on the best. Those band was open during nigth but no one were there at that time and just few qso were added. Good condition on low band with almost no summer noise on 80/160m. Anyway thanks very much for all QSO. See you the next one. Filippo IZ1LBG



Hot contesting: 37C inside the shack, all 12 hours long, with both windows fully opened and two big blower running on them. During full sun hours, there were about 42C outside. Whith this conditions it was a little bit hard joining the contest in the right way. I found medium to good conditions on the

high bands, with some very interesting rates time to time. Looking at my signal strenght in several skimmers' spots and the UFB signal of the few QSOs done in the full dark, 10m have been well opened via Es also during the night; it was a real pity that just few people understood it or liked to give a try. They lost some good multiplier, not easy for many. Done a good multipliers work and lost a good final place for the usual difficulties in running low bands from here. Anyway, thanks also to some friends connected on, I really had a very good time. Thanks SCC! Joe, IT9BLB one of IB9S



A blackout made ​​me start one hour after .I lost many mult in 10 m . Antenna stops north . After a few QSOs in 160 m antenna gave me ros and I had to greet mult on 160 m.It wasn't a very lucky contest. In the room there were 35C, i drunk 5 lt of water. Icom 756 Pro 3 Ant tagra @8m Vert. 40/80/160 73s de IT9RBW (one of IB9T)



It has been a really nice contest from home after a year!! I started thinking to do S&P for all the time to increase the number of mults. Definitely strategy mistake ;) I tried to RUN in the night and I enjoyed a lot the small CW pile up from my home station! 160: a special TNX for the QSOs on this band, especially to OM3PA Peter! I hope to join again next year with a different strategy!! Thanks for all QSOs! Setup: 3element 10-15-20 some kind of antenna-dummy load for 40-80-160 ;) 73, Gabry IT9RGY






Trasmesso solo all'inizio gara e poi nel tardo pomeriggio. Primo contest in HF come operatore singolo dal mio QTH



Almost same score of 2014. High bands vy silent here...10m always closed here,15m only 7 qso. Btw always fun ! Tnx to SB7W for little challenge on Best 73's Alex IV3KKW



By 13z the temporary 3G connection started dropping and required being restored every 5 minutes or so. Unfortunately rates were often too high to throw the headphones away and jump to another room to reboot stuff, so I ended up missing clx/rbn for several hours. What of above and my lack of experience with EUHFC (operated this one just once before back in 2003) cost some mults and Qs. Minor issues with 2R audio switching (causing limited SSB activity -unplanned). No 80mt SSB ant and no bvgs, the latter being needed on 160mt as it was pretty noisy. The best 10mt opening with S9+ sigs across the whole Europe was in the 19-20z hour but low activity. All in all a 3rd radio for in-band is mandatory in this one in order to compete with Eastern EU guys.



Well, that was fun. Conditions were not so good. 10m: dead, no signals at all, not even a radar; 15m: few contacts and really difficult to hear anyone; 20m: rather fine, signals were dropping quite fast making the copy a challenge; 40m: my best band, really had fun, run a lot and had lots of mults too; 80m &  160m: thanks 4O3A for moving on these two bands for the mult. I definitely should have run more but I'm not used to run more than 5W. All in all it has been a blast, also checking scores on during the contest. Thanks for the nice competition and thanks YT2AAA for the two QSOs. See you next contest RTX: FT-450 (30 to 50W) Ant: Vertical 10-20, Dipole 40-160



worked only 4 hours but very funny..



Rig: TS-590, PA 500W Antennas: 40-10m vertical, 80m dipole



Hello. Tnx for qso, good activity on low band and lost 15m propagation after going to 20m from 10m band start. Its my last contest from this position, so will be moving down all antennas and reinstall it on new location, if all is ok will be live within month :). 73. Roli LY4A



Too much time spent for multipliers. I think SSB also too much. Also something happen with 80m Dipole, SWR - million :( Tmr morning we will see. Was nice to be on-line all time without any crash. Next WAEDC CW, also LP. 73, Sam LY5W



Lost 10m antenna just after start of contest. No second radio and internet connection hurt

my score a bit. TNX QSO's QSL via LOTW 73! Andy



K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (LDG), Win-Test 4.16; Nothing heard on 10/15m, even 20m most of skimmer spots came from NA.... Just played over one hour. 73 Kazu M0CFW, M5Z, JK3GAD



Lost my way rather during the first half of the contest - too much time looking for mults and not enough time working stations. 10m very quiet 15m not great. Had some domestic stuff to deal with as well which took me away for about 20 mins. Rig : K3 + K2 HF : 4el tri-bander @ 17m LF : Inv-V Dipoles @ 18m 73, Andy, G4PIQ



Part time effort while not doing other things. 99% s&p. Thanks for the q's. 73 and cu in the next one MM0LID Scott



No contest from these latitudes. On and off a few times. Higher bands were below normal. I just gave out a few points.



My second EUHF contest from car and same QTH. Compared to last year it was much easier to make a couple of QSOs. CW is! (Last year I forgot CW key home) Thanks for QSOs.



A great fun as usually but heavy QRN during the first hours. Thanks for the QSOs and see you all in the Scandinavian Activity Contest. 73 de Pertti, OH2PM



FT950, dipoles



IC746, Vertical, Dipole, inv.  73, Tom



The 10 and also the 15 was dead for central EU. Anyway a lot of fun as every year! ANT: 3el tribander ECO @ 19m, stack of SpiderBeams @ 17+25m, Inv. V for 40/80/160m @ 19m, SAL 30. RIG: IC756 + Acom 2000A + microHAM MK2R+



No 10m in my area. Very big QRN on 40m. Despite this very nice contest as usual! 73, Petr OK2PP



10m: closed. 15m: hardly open. 160/80: strong QRM from something (probably / hopefully a street light). This shows in the numbers above. Limited SO2R but I made the most of the allowed band changes. Come on ionosphere, you have six days to get in tip top shape for WAECW!



A 80% CW / 20% SSB mixed operations (kids were sleeping nearby during lowband activity, resulting in a full cw operation after go-to-bed time. Although poor conditions a 20% better performance compared to last year, principally due to the 160m operation on a short-circuited G5RV, performing

well as a T-loaded short vertical. Thanks for all qso and cuagn next year.



Rig: Elecraft K3 - 100 Watt Ant: 20mtr wire as Inverted-L up 12mtr See you in the next CW Contest !



Very bad propagation on 28 MHz. Best luck next time.



10 m - null at all here!



sorry, 80m antenna is broken



It's fun. In 1400z lost internet and cluster till end contest from mobile 4G tower, after vy strong rain. I tryed to find mults on the bands, but it's too slow ... CUAGN WAE DX CW RW1A LP. I will be LP category, becouse in during wekeend also will be EME 144 - RU1AA, for comfort operating from one station. Vlad RW1A



After long time SOAB contest but still fun. Thx for qso, log on lotw soon Best 73 de Lovro - S50LD



FT2000 + multi band dipoles 10m AGL. 73 Damjan S52W



Thanks for QSO's. 73 de Miha, S51FB



Unfortunately EUHFC contest almost overlaps with my favorite Alpe Adria VHF contest. Therefore, in the next morning the beginning in the VHF Contest was not the best.In both contests I worked with FT1000MP.



Poor condx on 10/15m but I had fun on 160m with L vertical. No moves so low mult. Only WAE with QTC is worse for OM :-) 73 de Mario, S56A



Wires & amp; FT1000



Despite the bad propagation on 10 and 15 meters, this was very fun! High activity and lots of skilled operators filled the bands. I tried inband mult-hunting (only Rx) with my Skimmer antenna, worked OK, but it would be good to move the Rx-antenna away even further to avoid interference and receiver overload. Station: R1: K3 R2: FT1000MP (only RX) Antennas: 160 : Low inv-L antenna; 80: dipole @ 20 m; 40 : EF240S @ 22 m; 20/15/10 : C3 @ 20m. Now, time to reload for the WAE CW contest next weekend, hopefully from SK3W.



Strange condx, but good fun. Tnx fer all Q's Slaw



Congrats Top class ops from Central EU Missed 10m openings  hi  73 Wes SP4Z



Tnx for all qso's. My first EUHF and great fun - a lot of stations and nice 12-hrs format.



Spent a mere 2 hours (almost) at approximately 107 Qs/hr, in between a massive heat wave down here in Southern Dodecanese, amidst 36-37 deg. Celcius. Did not have plans for a full time participation, so just gave away my year, while propagation held marginally OK on 20m. Setup: Yaesu FT-2K @ 100w Cushcraft A3S Writelog fow Windows






Bad condx on 28 and 21 MHz. Very hard to work on 14... Have fun with two radios.



not 2 band ... 21-28 GUHOR 73 73 73 de UX4U EN4U US7UX



It was the first contest after completing the long waited antenna maintenance and Murphy was fully QRV: the remote switch failed in the first hours of the contest, then hot switching alarms prevented me in running more than 300 W power. Overall it was a nice contest. See you in WAE-CW. 73, Alex YO9HP



With small problems was a nice contest. 0 propagation in 10m . 73 ! yp7p / yo7lfv Robert



73 de Laki


73 de Milan YU1ZZ - YT0Z


ICOM 746 PRO + random wires from balcony






In contest I used station of my radio club Radioclub Dubrovnik, 9A5D.



Only for a little while, hope next year have more time to participate. 73



TNX for contest, 73 DB8AH



Nice activity, especially on lowbands.



Just a few qsos while setting up my new HF station....



Nice contest, TNX and see u next year. VY 73 de Manfred, DC9ZP



First time participation. Conds on 20m were terrible at the beginning, especially when working QRP (IC-703, 10watts). Later 40m and 80m became good. It was a great fun anyway!



First time in contest. Enjoyed a lot running from holiday location in OZ. Cu next year!



My first participation in this contest. Having a few QSOs by S&P during our summer field day. Thanks to all stations which tried to hear me. 73 Stefan



On 40m: 10 watt to off-center-fed dipole FD3, 21m long  - 8m high.

On 20m, 15m: 90watt to 2 ele Mini-Yagi MFB23, 11m high.



No good Condx.



Begali squeezer gone out for lunch (never bye Begali!), then the 2nd squeezer shuts down, no key no QSO - that's all folk :-)



The best contest of the year!



Sorry I made an error in the first 3 qso with the to digit number. I started with 1, 2, 3. VY 73 Hans-Ulrich



TX: Elecraft KX3; 10 watt out.

ANT: MP1 on balcony in abt. 3 mtrs high.



FT-1000MP with 195W to W3DZZ / HF9V / KELEMEN MONOB. 160M



Just for fun with QRP FT817 from the garden!



Thanks for this nice contest. 73 Irina, DL8DYL



FT1000MP, Field Vertical Gap Titan DX



IC-9100 , 100W, L antenna



TNX fer very nice contest! I had a lot of fun! 100W + dipole




 Setup @ DR1R



I hope more time and power for the next edition. Thanks for organize it.



TKS for EU HF Contest



RIG: FT-840, PWR=100W,  ANT - DELTA LOOP 168M.

73 and CU next year



TNX & 73!



Kenwood 590S 100W Delta 40 & Delta 80



First time participation in Mixed Category.



One of my favorite contests, a serious back injury made 12 hours seem like 36. Apologies and thanks to all of you who worked me, if I did not get some calls first time as at our new QTH we have a electric railway line passing at the end of the garden, when the train passes. The QRN goes to S9. See you all next year best 73 Adrian



Very enjoyable contest and 12 hours is good!



Great fun and see you next year.



Lost time on 20m due to water in Yagi coax. Not enough darkness for 80m & 160m in northern GM!



RIG: TS-870S

ANT: 14-21-28: 2X3 EL.18/10m high

160M-80-40: Horizontal Oblong 352m long, 6m high, Inv V, GP. VY 73! Zsolt



Elecraft K3  100 watts

Force 12 C-4S = 2 elements on 28/21/14 Mhz and Dipole on 7 Mhz; Inverted L for 3,5 and 1,8 Mhz



First ever participation to this contest, so I had to develop tactics "on the go"; performance did improve with time. Not much happening on high bands, good runs on 20m; towards the end pure S&P proved to be more efficient than running funny enough, didn't work any station licensed 2010 on any bands...

Marco, HB9CAT



The first time I participate in this contest .... Very funny.



Just for fun. Ciao!



Unfortunately not a full time effort. 73. Bob, I2WIJ



TS 180S, L.A. 250W, Antenna Hexbeam



Kenwood TS940S

ANT. ECO 7+; Trap Dipole 4080

MIXW 3.1.1 (R)



Few spare time and a thunderstorm forced me to start late and stop my contest early. I downgraded (yes, downgraded) my station, from an IC7410 to an old IC740, so I'm not able to put the frequencies in the log. Very poor condx on the highest band, but funny contest, as always.73 de IK4UNH, Davide



Very bad propagation of 15 m.

Good on 160m (incredible)

73 de IV3BCA



Partecipo sempre con piacere ....ottimo contest!!



K2 100W & ANT 2m endfed



Just in for the fun with 10 watts from my Elecraft KX3 and a Windom antenna while on vacation.



Setup @ LY4L



Used single antenna - 80meter band dipole (11mh) and an old FT-990AC.



RIG 90 W, ANT WIRE abt 15m high.




Setup @ LZ2PT



could not post a serious entry due to commitments earlier in the day. Had not intended to operate for so long, but these contests are addictive especially if you get good runs going!



Thanks for a great contest, EU came out for this one, much activity, never a dull moment. Ken, G0ORH - M3I



K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (LDG), Win-Test 4.16

Nothing heard on 10/15m, even 20m most of skimmer spots came from NA....

Just played over one hour. 73 Kazu, M0CFW, M5Z, JK3GAD



TNX for nice contest. Conditions for 15/10 were dead for me, no antenna for 160m so had to try work 80-20m. I used TS-590, OB3-11 Yagi, Delta Loop 80/40m and MKII and FB Dxlog Logger. Hope to hear u all on year 2016.



Part time effort for 9 hours. Higher bands were dead.



Setup @ OH1TD



My second EUHF Contest from car and same QTH. Compared to last year it was much easier to make  a couple of QSOs.  CW is! (last year I forgot CW key at home). TNX for QSOs.



TRX: FLEX-3000, PWR 70W, ANT: 3EL YAGI (10m-15m-20m), Double Zepp 2 X 33m (40m-80m), Vertical (40m).



Good contest with many stations. See you again friends. TCVR: Yaesu FT-897d 30w, ANT: GP



TRX Elecraft K3 100w, ANT Dipole and Vertical.



FT2000 100w, 3el.Yagi Tribander, INV. V dipole



Thank you for very, very, very nice contest. 73, EE



TCVR: Icom 735 out 90watts

ANT: Random Wire + LC Matchbox



Icom-718, 100w, Inverted V. Thanks for nice contest, 73!



TCVR IC756 100w, multiband INV V dipole ant. My first license is from year 1970.



It was fun to give out some points on the low bands after a long absence from contesting.



It was a fine contest with good activity and I enjoyed it. Condx were not good on 15 and 10m. Till next year. 73 de Leon, ON5WL



RIG: Elecraft K3 - 100 Watt

ANT: 20mtr wire as Inverted-L up 12mtr



RIG: FT817, 5 watt in SSB/RTTY, 3 watt in PSK

ANTENNAS: 5 band Sloping Delta Loop / 6 band Windom as INV. VEE



Very good contest.



Dear OM/YL, it was a nice contest. All QSO's made in QRP 5w with dipole. Lot of QRM from a radar station. QSL via PE2K Buro, 73 Adriaan



The had a unplanned small fieldday with my ILER20 in a field near my house. I Was supprised that a contest was going on, so it was a good opertunity to test out the ILER20 in the field. Quite a few qso's are added to the /QRP log and with a power of just 3W. Happy ham with the results :-)

The setup : ILER20 MK2 with DIY 20m Endfed. Extra 12V 7Ah battery as aditional powersource.


TX FT-450D 100w, ANT Windom and GP




Setup @ R3ZZ



TS-590s, 2 el wire Yagi. Nice contest, but very bad propagation. CU in Seanet 2016



RIG: ICOM-718, 10w., ANT: Delta Loop 80 m at about 7m



I work with 100w and balcony trap tilted dipole 4 meters over ground.



First license as SWL: UA3-170-208 (1977). 73! Tnx



Kx3 5watts ANT 14Mhz VP2E, Loop 80m



TNX for VY nice contest!



TKS for nice contest!



Thank you for the contest!



TX 5w, ANT magnetic loop (indoor)



TRX: SW2011RDX, 25w

ANT: Vertical "fishing rod"



FT-100, Lw antenna, MFJ-945E tuner. After first 4 QSOs with FT-2000 on my vertical antenna, MFJ-998RT burned out, and I had to move to my spare radio in another room, because when I dismount and opened Automatic tuner, the smell of burned Bakelite filled my radio room. So with my LW antenna it was like torture small animals, and I gave up. I will have to reconsider my vertical antenna configuration in the future. Just few points for SCC!



No QSO on 160m.



From National Park Sutjeska.



Just a few qso for fun. Working this weekend at SK0TM, royal tech museum in Stockholm, as op. made a few QSO though :) Activity, even though conds was awful. Year during this contest, which I like.






Portable operation from Island of Harstena IOTA EU-177 with K3, two 12m Spiderbeam GRP poles, parallel dipoles for 80/40, dipole for 20, parallel dipoles for 15/10 and 80/40 m dipoles used as top loading for 160m vertical with 40 radials. 10m dead, 15 very poor, LF bands OK. All good fun, great fast operators.



10w and a dipole antenna



Setup @ SQ5CQ



TRV Ic-756PRO3; Ant 1.8 -7 Mhz - Delta; 14-28 Mhz - SAY-16; YL Evstegneeva Irina, 2001 of birth, licence R2DLM (date of issue 15.07.2015)

Trainer School Club Station - Vladimir Chaplygin, UD3D


R2DLM @ UD3D, 14 years old, licensed 2015



Antenna frame 10m, three turns on the 1st floor window, Long Wire 40m up 4m with tunner, RIG homemade, PWR 20 watt(s).



TNX, for contest.! Bad conditions. 73!



Nice Contest :-))


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