18th EU HF Championship - 2011

European HF Championship is a 12-hour contest organized by the SCC and has been running now since 1994 and EUHFC 2011 is 18th in turn. Every first Saturday in August, EU contesters compete for the title of European Champion.

EUHFC 2011 brought us again
the highest number of logs – 1048, and as expected from previous years trend – we have passed the 1000 logs for the first time.

There were some rules changes for 2011 contest in technical and regulatory terms. Just to name some of them:

- use of DXCluster and other public QSO alerting assistance is now allowed for all categories. This includes, but is not limited to, DX Cluster-type networks, local or remote Skimmer and/or Skimmer-like technology and reverse beacon network.

 - log submission via the Web robot submission page: http://lea.hamradio.si/scc/euhf/euhf_log_submission.htm

- shorter deadline for logs - 9 days after the contest

- participants who were disqualified or sanctioned in other contests in previous year shall result in dropping participant from the classification

- other minor changes


Please read the rules before the contest!

We have witnessed average condition for the EU - EU contacts on high bands, but it looks bands where open enough to achieve good results. It was nice to start the contest on 10m where the band was widely open for EU. Some short openings occasionally occurred on the upper bands, the low bands (80 / 160m) where noisy, what is typical for summer time. The winner of CW/SSB HP category logged 1720 QSO, which means an average of 143 QSO / h. It should be recognized that this is a very nice rate for just intercontinental contacts (EU only) during summer holidays time. This tells us a lot about the activity and popularity of EUHF contest.


Logs by categories:


# of logs




















Check Log



Not classified







Bad / invalid calls in database: 3164
Number of crosschecked QSO: 404.699

CW QSO: 314.956 (77,83%)
SSB QSO: 89.650 (22,17%)

CW is still the king mode in EUHFC, as the majority of all participants are in CW categories.

EUHFC 2011 again brought some new all time records including new EU records in three categories:

CW/SSB- High Power:
- new EU & zone 15 all time record: ES5RR
- new zone 14 all time record: F8DBF
- new zone 16 all time record: RA1A
CW/SSB- Low Power:
- new EU
& zone 15 all time record: LY4L
CW - High Power:
- new zone 14 all time record: GM3POI
CW - Low Power:
- new EU
& zone 15 all time record: LY6A

Russians also improved their own record in the national ranking with the highest number of submitted logs (147).

The Contest Committee has carefully checked all the logs and adopted the following decisions.

Stations listed below are not classified in EUHFC 2011 (being penalized in other contests in year 2010):

- RA3CW (red card in the CQWW SSB & CW CQWW 2010)

- YT2B (yellow card in the CQWW CW 2010 as one of the operators in YT5A team)

- HA8BE (yellow card in the CQ WPX SSB 2010)

- YL2PA (yellow card in the CQ WPX SSB 2010)

- YO8SS (disqualification in IARU 2010 as one of the operators in YP0A team)

- YO8DDP (in IARU 2010 as one of the operators in YP0A team)


- RX1CQ (claiming credit for false QSOs / generating and submitting fake logs)


Disqualified operator will not be classified in European HF Championship standings in the year following disqualification (2012).

SDR and other modern technology is of great help in identifying non-compliance with the contest rules (more than one signal at the given time, “fake” QSOs …). Full contest (all bands) has been recorded and all committee decisions have rock stable basis. Most of the logs also contain the exact operating frequencies, frequencies were also cross-checked. Every log with the exact frequencies, no matter how big it is, is very important and also of a great help for contest committee.


All logs have been processed by computer and a lot of “hand” work has been done to review NIL (not in log) QSOs – app. 5500 this year.


All the results and UBN reports are fully transparent and verifiable to a large extent, UBN and the public. All irregularities and deviations from the rules will be penalized and sanctioned to the principles "zero tolerance and same for all". It is no coincidence that the EUHFC contest counts as one of the contest for the WRTC 2014 qualification for European teams.

Our congratulations to Aivars Purinsh, YL3DR for the most accurate log, 383 QSOs with no errors.

Thanks to all Contest Committee members who sacrificed their time and actively participated in the log checking process (S57AD, S50XX, S57AW ...).


Our congratulations to the prize winners!


Next EUHFC will be held on 4th of August 2012!

73 & CU in EUHFC 2012

Robert Bajuk, S57AW

SCC Contest Manager

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