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Just came in and give some points.
Your contest is just like champagne, fine lubricating heart and brain. VY 73 de Manfred, DC9ZP
Joined the contest only frequently, first started on 20m during midday with a lot of strong signals, but found only a few stations on 40m in the afternoon. But luckily 10m was also fairly open at this time. Seems that stations from East-Europe were controlling the whole contest. In the evening there was a bunch of stations on 80meters (some worked before on other bands), but found also new stations I didn't hear on the other bands before. One effect was that DX stations switched on 18 meters in common due to 20m was full of contesters. So the supply of DX-stations for the DX- chasers were also guaranteed, HI. Overall a nice contest with some good openings on the higher bands.
Had fun to contact some stations. Nice contest and good activity.
Perhaps you can offer to all participants a certificate of participation as a PDF to download? Thus, the participation of even more interesting for very Low power station with a few points.
Semiserious participation from home to test some station modifications. 10m/15m really disappointing. 20m/40m OK. Very high SWR in 80m CW segment caused many "AGN" and "?", so mainly SSB here. CQ-ing on 160m with 100w and low hanging dipole is like driving on a freeway with a locked handbrake.
Great CW event. Thank you all. 73 Suad
Super contest. Many thanks.
Many thanks for this fine contest. Great fun on 80/40m band. Thanks to the many Russian stations. After QSY on 160m, tuning and then ring my bell from TVI :-) QRT 1 hours to the end. See you next year 2011.
This contest needs a QRP-category!
Operating 12 h is very good. I enjoyed using SD programs.
Participation only to give some points.
Very bad propagation, fortunately, I had the second radio to keep an ear on 10 and 15 and not missed the "short opening". Low band was very noisy with static. Without Rx antenna, I though it worthed not the effort! With very low rate I stopped two hours before the end, a pity! The two first hours were fun with rate over 100 q/h despite the LP. Good run only on 20. Thanks to Slovenia Contest Club to organize this great event!
Bad propagation and most of stations doesn't know what number to send. 73 from Tahiti.
Good fun, looking forward to EUHFC 2011. SD easy to use, no problems.
Plenty of activity and very enjoyable especially the opening on 10m but at times deep QSB and noisy bands here. No antenna for 160m. Ken

Only giving away points but a fun contest...hopefully do it next year with 100w this time 5w with FT1000mp and 60ft longwire...VY 73 Paul

Good contest, I enjoyed it. Slow on 14 MHz at the start, much better later. 7 MHz almost 'dead' at start. Much better in evening used SD, with Winkey, both worked very well.
Operated from a temporary QTH with low longwire, but still had fun!
SD worked well.
Not a sniff of any activity heard on 15m or 10m. Lots of rain static on 80m. Running QRP to a trap vertical.
Only able to spend 90 minutes or so in contest, had to attend wedding in day and then was chauffeur in the evening :-(
Nice contest, fair propagation. Thanks for Q's, see you next year.
Many thanks for the nice contest! Sri - but Condx were poor and QRN!
Conditions on 20/15/10 m were formidable for short skip, my ant is not good for 160 and 15m, Conds fair on all bands. I did AGN not realize to give exact QRG in your contest, SRI.
First time in a contest!
Glad I've been able to enter one of my favorite contests. 73. Bob, i2wij
Nice contest, as usual and good participation. Found some traffic on 15 and 10m, hope even better next year. Thank you for your great work! 73 de Davide
Excellent test, sin little time to be ....on the air. Goodbye in the next EUHFC 2011 Ciao & 73 IV3DYS Salvatore
Tnx for the nice contest. 73! Vladas, LY1BX - 91 yrs old.
It was my fist EUHFC. We have had a terrible storm!
Heavy thunderstorm in my QTH, sorry...
The bands were moving up and down but good contest. I really enjoyed using this old valve radio I gained my foundation license (first) in 2009. SD is a really good logger!!!
Conditions not good, raining all the time at /P place.

WX hot and wet, some lightning blackout periods. My first SSB contest, only S&P method used. Nice experience, I wait next time on 2011.

I was active for just 90 minutes from my holiday QTH on 40m, with K3 and an indoor Windom antenna. Good fun despite QRM from the laptop switching power supply.
A lot of young wolves working in extreme QRQ - why?
Bad Condx on 21 and especially 28 mhz.
Sri / was not QRV on 160m.
T N X FB Contest!!!
Fine contest with good activity. All bands were good, but 80 m was weaker. I enjoyed the contest. Till next year. 73 Leon ON5WL
What a great contest!
My power: solar cells and solar batteries
Got visitors, and could not participate full time only paper log - difficult to see what I have worked hope to participate next year.
Nice contest. Lot of stations.
Nice contest.
I enjoyed working with SD logging. Nice contest and good operators.
Thanks all for QSO. Used Elecraft K2/100 with dipole and GP. CU all next time, 73 de Eric.
Again a very nice contest! Due to heavy rain I encountered some problems with my antenna on 40 and 80m. Nevertheless I was able to make several tenths of QSO's on those bands.
Tnx nice contest
MNI Tnx FB Contest. 73! Pavel
Bad Cndx :-( There were more bad than good minutes... I could work much better! See you next year! Thanks to all we had QSO!
I took part in this year's EUHFC from home QTH with very limited antennas. It was fun anyway even with high urban noise and no wires for low bands. The only QSO on 80m was made on full size loop for 30m. I noticed very few YL contestants :) CU next year. 73, Urea, s59ti
Interesting to see when the Ops got their license. Next year I will try to be there full time. I really like the 12 hour contest time!
No 80m. Thunderstorm at night. (Pls allow "normal" use of cluster in this contest!)
Just playing a free hour from something else, nice to give someone some multipliers. Used TR4W as logging software which did not like my "zone" as well as "zones" starting with a zero so Cabrillo needed to be edited.
Thanks to T77C great host!

Nothing on 21-28Mhz, poor 14Mhz conditions, very hot summer here in
Istanbul this year.
Many tnx for the contest! Cu next year. 73's
All the best!
Unfortunately there were bad Condx on 10 and 15 this year. CU AGN, tnx and 73!
Tnx good Contest!
MNI summer time noises on low bands. Tnx all for QSOs! 73!!
73! Tnx for invitation to take part in contest.
Worked with my 'liliput setup' ic7000, 100w, trap GP & sloping 41m wire. Strange conditions on 10 & 15m, lot of noise on lower bands. 73 Szigy.
Poor propagation, poor participation, poor results. See you in 2011
Nice contest...







ANT: 10-40 GP, 80 INV L, 160 INV L FER 80 :)


Congrats to five OMs those who receive my QRPP sig on 160 with ANT for 80 without ANT BOX.. :)))  73 Sale


9A7DX (9A4D)

Bad condx on 15 and 10m, lost planty of time on that two BANDs. Grate contest ! CU next year 73 de Ved



FT2000, PA 750W, Monobanders etc ( Poor condx on 10m/15m, numbers way down from last year (1142q/300m/342k). Congrats to Suad, DK6XZ, who made the best of these condx and beat me by a margin :-)

Also, as usual, thanks to Toffy, DJ6ZM, for providing this excellent station, and thanks for all the QSOs! 73, Fabian



Semiserious participation from home to test some station modifications. 10m/15m really disappointing. 20m/40m OK. Very high SWR in 80m CW segment caused many "agn" and "?", so mainly SSB here. CQing on 160m with 100W and low hanging dipole is like driving on a freeway with a locked handbrake ...

IC-775, A3S @ 15m, 40/80/160 Dipole @ 12m (

Thanks for all the QSOs in this nice contest. 73 Ulf



Wow, what a nice CW event. Thanks to all of you fine operators for the quick exchanges and life on the bands. It was joy poor. Nice too to see few BHCC members joyning in.

Bevore the contest, I would have layed my bets onto stations from southern hemishpere, but the propagations seemded to play its own game. 15 was hard, 10 even harder and 160 was covered with static crashes (S9+10). Antenna(-wire) work done on Friday prior to the contest and a new strategy paid off: my last years score improved for some 100Q and 15MPL. With SO2R and few more QSYs to 10 the more were possible...

Thanks so much for the "full house" to OH1F, SP2LNW and YT2T; to those who QSYed for multies; to DL4CC, E7DX (E74IW) and E74A (@E73M) for a interesting club atmosphere; to DJ1YFK for the fine local competition and to the rest of you for the contacts and your great CW skills. Respekt to the Tops and a special thanks to Slovenia Contest Club for the organisation. See you in QTC`s next week, by E77XZ. 73 Suad



Short QRP-test result inmidst the megascore postings. A shame that this short-distance contest does not have even a single mixedmode QRP-category :-( Especially for newcomers with their rare and sought after licencing years it would be interesting. It is a bit different operating in this highrate environment with not too many operators willing to dig and try more than one repeat while there are always others ready to call on frequency.

K2 + low 40m-doublet

Back to the big scores and 73, Chris




Nice start on 20m but not so good condx on 10/15. Tnx for all the contacts! 73 de Uli



Struggle with bad propagation on 10 and 15 resulted in a small number of QSOs on 20 meters. Heavy rain storm with lightning was also contributed to such result. All those who made more than 1000 QSos in the propagation like these have made a good score.

73 to all, Edin



I did not have antennas for 15m and 160m. This year I worked for a fun and contest is more than excellent. Seriously I'll be doing in the competition next year.



73 Sadmir



Bad prop this time, and a lot of qrm, thanks to everybody!!!!



Rig: TS850 + PA

Ant: KLM34A (@19m), inv vees, 2 beverages

Was very tough on low bands here due to heavy static (yet, some help from the beverages), probably also paid too much attention to 10 and 15 at the beginning to gain mult - thus, the Q-s count remained modest. My low band ant set-up also does not allow to compete seriously, lost a lot on 40m especially. No SO2R, just "a one-radio contest"... :)

Let's hope for an improvement next year!  73s, Arvo



I believe I lost 30-50 QSO's due to some technical difficulties which at the end turned out to be the ignorance of the operator :-( The multiplier total will probably be reduced by at least 3 mults – two stations gave me number 28 and one 35, even though I tried to explain them what

the exchange should be. They all sounded awfully young for having been licensed so many years ago :-) Guess it's up to the log checkers to decide.

10 and 15 were quite poor and I was constantly worried about spending too much time there trying to increase the multiplier count. At the end it seems to have paid off as there were short openings to different directions with signals peaking to S9+.

The static QRN on the low bands was the worst I have ever witnessed at the usually so quiet QTH of ES5TV! It was especially tough on SSB. My apologies to all stations that couldn't make it through the noise!

I was late to 160 as usual and lost a bunch of mults there.

Many thanks to ES5TV for letting me use his station again and thanks to all for the QSO's!

73 de Toivo, ES2RR



Terrible condx on 80 and 160!no opening on 15 and 10! 73!Tom 5ry



Very bad propagation, fortunately, I had the second radio to keep an ear on 10 and 15 and not missed the "short opening". Low band was very noisy with static. Without RX antenna, I though it worthed not the effort! With very low rate I stopped two hours before the end, a pity! The two first hours was fun with rate over 100 Q/h despite the LP. Good run only on 20.

Thanks to all for contact. 73  Philippe - F6IFY



Lack of 160m antenna hurt the score but still great fun. FT-1000MP, Butternut HF9-V



RIG: TS-870s, FT-857 2x700 watt (2xSB2006 ha2sb linear system) ANT: 160-80-40 2xINV "V" 20-15-10 3el.+ INV "V" TNX FOR CONTEST! 73! Zsolt



Although the upper bands were poor and the lower bands were noisy, I enjoyed the contest very much. I hope that I can improve the antenna system for the next year to have better results. TNX to everybody for contacts.



last year was 1280 qso, now less 400.

terrible qrn... thanks for all callers ! 73 pali



Without an antenna for 160M I am very short in multipliers. Poor conditions on 10M and nothing special on 15M. Luckily I didn't experienced the noise that others had on low bands, I had fun and that's enough! 73. Bob, I2WIJ

P.S. CU in WAE CW next weekend, if I can complete my SO2R with

the WRTC setup.



Another great EUHFC is gone! First of all thanks to Tony T77C for great hospitality at T70A, thanks also to IZ4AKS Giorgio. First time in EUHFC in the LP mixed category, I decided to use again the 100W triplexer build by my friend RA6LBS for WRTC2010, so with this nice tool, I can share the tribander log periodic using sixpak by wx0b on both radio. I bring my K3 and for second radio a small 706, but these setup feed perfect my holiday bag. This is my draft score, I still need to fix some ua7... Thanks for all the qso's!  T70A qsl via QRZ.COM or LOTW. 73, Stefano



Just raw score...real one could be 3k down! contest starts really well on 20 and 15m but then propagation in Italy switch off and no chanche for a better result...A disastrer the 10m band...many strong station didn't hear me at all.. Filippo



TS 850S/AT + dipole for 80m band 8mh tuned with autotuner. TNX QSO's. 73! Andy



TNX for QSO. Terrible QRN all band. 73  Jurgis



Heavy tunderstorm during first 4 hours of the contest with high QRN levels during all the time of the contest. Poor condx on 15 and 10m bands. 73, Krassy



40% less QSO compared to previous year due to the poor condx on 10/15m. 73, Boyan



Thanks for all the QSO's Was trying to reach LZ9W record for Zone 20. Condx on 15/10 was miserable from here.For these 26 QSO on 15 I lost more than a hour!Even 160 was a struggle, possible due to QRN in the Europe. There always is next year... 73, Nasko



Terrible QRN on low bands. Due to failure couldn´t use my receiving antenna system on 160m, my apologies to all callers I couldn´t pick up. Thanks to all of you who did QSY to another band for a new multiplier.



TS-2000 100w + antennae

Heavy QRN on all bands, very difficult to copy numbers. I had to keep an eye on real-time T-storm online radar all the time, fortunately t-storm hit after the test. High bands were quite ok, 40m decent but then 80m and 160m were disaster for low power. Very hot and humid inside the shack, very tired op ...



I operated only for fun from my small home station. Terrible QRN on low bands. High bands were total closed in my area. I spend too much time on 15 and 10m. Only 240 QSOs on CQ mode. I can not remember too bad condx in this contest. 73, Petr



As usual in contests, the propagation behaves very strange. One would think that the low bands will propagate a big part of the result but comes out fooled. To my astonishment 40m was the best band but the high bands brought a lot of multipliers. It sure was fun and we are ready for the WAE of this coming weekend. Long live CW!!!


Yaesu FT-2000

Acom 2000A

Optibeam OB 18-6 (3 el on 40m - 4 el on 15+20m - 7 el on 10m)

Dipole for 80m

T-loaded vertical + 1 radial for 160m

73 Joe




Target was 1200 QSO. Average was 100/hr for 10 hours then it seemed that everyone went to bed for the last two hours (70 + 40 QSO). More info:



Strange openings on high bands and lots of QRN on low bands. CU next one 73, Tine Brajnik, S50A


S51FB (S53M)

It could be much better. See you in RTTY. Miha / S51FB



With slow start on 10 and 15m it looked to be way down from last year, but very good 40 and 80m made it back. On 80m there was even 10min rate of 314 qso/h. After all it was not so bad.


S55O (S51A)

Thank you all for the qso's! Log will be on lotw soon. It was fun working lots of nice stations!


th6dxx @13m

rotary dipole 7 @14m

Inv V 80 and inv v 160 peak 12m high :))



First CW Expert robot operation after Feb. 1991.  I modified code for new Russian EU prefixes and spoiled timing but it was fun.  Z3 YL Tanja, postgraduate student in Ljubljana and worldwide QRQ champion paid a visit and made her first 10 QSO live on 40 m.  I also worked IZ8CCW on SSB for demo.  No log to SCC in order to avoid another unjustified DQ. 73 de Mario



Conditions were more difficult than last year. 73 Slaw



Thanks for the contacts! No antenna for 80/160m. Did not feel propogation here on 15/10m.



Bad condx on 10 and 15 m band :(



TNX ALL!!! poor condx :(  73! Yarik



IC-746 PRO, 80 W; W3DZZ multiband dipole

CHECKLOG only, because I used spotting assistance



Worked from portable location nr.Valjevo. 400m asl. used FD4 for all band except 160m , and dipol for 160m. Bad condition. To many QRN , and much lightening produced couple pauses.Also I loos electrical power and 8 hours I worked with small aggregate. Howewer, it was been funny. Best regards Alex



FROM E-MAILS (with logs):



Only 2 x 10m wire antenna. Very good on 40m, but very weak on 80m and not to match on 160m.



I started late and it was hard work to get in contact  because of strong qrm, using only 100 watts and dipole/groundplane. So I gave up soon. See you next year, may be with modified equipment. Vy 73 Rolf



Thanks for nice Contest. Bad Condx on 10/15 in West DL.



Thanks for fb CONTEST. 73! Mike



A great pleasure to call again for this nice competition. vy 73 de Dieter



Very nice contest!!!Thanks!73!



The Contest was super First Time in a HF Contest !!! Reto Capol



This time few hours to be in contest, see you next year, Helga



I was operating on 10 watts and made 14 contacts I gained my licence in 2009. Thanks for running this contest. It gives young people like me a chance to get some valuable operating experience and some good fun. 73s



First licence dated 20.Nov. 1949.  First QSO in 1950. First DX in 1951. 73 Pertti Kantanen



Conditions on 80 and on 160 were just so big bullshit that I can not imagine. I am not satisfied to the result etc... -Janne, -



Thanks for SUPER contest! I have had a lot of fun! 73! Martin Huml



We enjoyed allot, propagations on the lower bands very pore this year. Cu Next time on the band. The best Regard to the organisation. Kind regards,



Letos sem se prvič udeležil tega zanimivega  tekmovanja. Pravzaprav sem spoznaval njegove značilnosti in čar. Žal sem tekmoval le dobro polovico časa, ker sem dobil nenapovedane obiske prijateljev To je morda slaba stran doma urejene tekmovalne lokacije, hi. Tako nisem utegnil narediti še načrtovanih zvez na 40m, 80 in 160m. Pri pregledu dnevnika sem ugotovil, da mi N1MM program ni dodelil točk za zveze z naslednjimi postajami:

R7AM, R7AD,UA7AC,RN7F,RM5Z. Za zvezo z VA7DZ mi je pravilno označil 0 točk. Pri omenjenih zvezah mi tudi ni upošteval množilcev. Pa saj to meni sploh ni pomembno. To sem zapisal zgolj, da omenjene postaje ne bodo kaznovane, saj smo opravili korektne zveze. Sprva sem mislil, da bi poslal dnevnik zgolj za kontrolo, pa sem se nazadnje odločil, naj gre v tekmovalno konkurenco. Organizatorjem prav lep pozdrav Rado - S52OT



Thanks for this nice Contest. I must quit before 23.59UTC becouse its thunderstrikes here in my town and i cant hear so much activetys on the bands any more."smile" I will be back next year. 73 de SA3BGM/qrp Tony Larsson



Had to QRT last hours so no QSOs on 160 and only a few on 80. 73 Per SM2LIY op at Fura radio club.



Thanks for the contest. I used prw 100watts and dipole for 80metersband and TH3MK4 for 10/15metersband. 73 es DSW.



Competition very much was pleasant to me. The basic transceiver TS-850S has broken 5 minutes prior to competitions. It was necessary to work On home-made UW3DI. For this reason frequencies aren't specified. I ask to understand my situation. In advance thanks. 73! Alex



TNX NICE CONTEST! TIA 73+88=161! Peter



some problem with trcv. I lost abt 1 hour but all is ok. 73 gl for s5 oms. 73 gl GIL



...I'm a new ham radio operator. This was my first contest experience and I'm sure that I'll be present every year... Thank you very much! Best regards, Antonio Sorin TASU



It was a very nice contest. Thanks



I haven’t too much time for serious contesting. I worked with SDR transceiver Genesis G59  5W out and delta loop for 80m 12m up from the ground. Zelim vam puno uspeha u organizaciji kontesta I nadam se da cu imati vise vremena sledece godine.

VY 73 + lep pozdrav  Tasa


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