EUHFC 2003: Competitor's Comments (alphabetical order)

4N1JA: Very good contest, many stations. I hope to see you again in EUHFC 2004.

DJ1OJ: 1st time in this contest, logging with HAM-LOG (logbook) not very comfortable. After the contest got UA1AAF (you see), but TA2ZF/1 was not recognized as European.

DL2WRJ: Nice contest. Using Elecraft K2 with 5 watts and testing a new antenna. Mni tks to all OP's which could hear my QRP signal.

DL3KWF: I have shared hour by hour the contest-time with Rosel, DL3KWR, and I am satisfied with my 295 CW QSOs.

DL3KWR: It wa
s for me only a "half Championship", because I have shared the time with Hardy, DL3KWF -hi.

ER3AU: Good, interesting contest. I worked QRP - only 5 watts and "underground" antenna (dipole, 4 meters up).

ES5TV: Great contest despite poor propagation!

EU6DX: Used 5m long vertical antenna only!!! From 80m to 10m bands!!

G0MTN: Good fun as ever. 15m and 10m very difficult due to poor propagation. 20m quite 'full' as a result! 40m and 80m went well - and I was also pleased new 160m antenna allowed for a few more QSOs this year. Could the contest committee publish the translation for "what was the year of your first licence?" in a few of the more unusual European languages in next years rules?

G3LHJ: Enjoy contest for what time I could operate. Condx poor on 15/10M but good old 20M was good also 40M.

G4BUO: Just a few hours operation. Why don't we get this many EUs active in the sprint contests? Maybe people think sprints are too difficult.

HA4A: During contest I preferred the single transceiver work. Small power, many problems - QRM time to time from HP stations, in the first place from stn EO6F. The SSB work on 40 m with 100 W was very difficult. So, the 2nd-3rd hour was a big thunderstorm, rain, rain, rain - S9+ static noise. Only the 15 and 10 m was little beat better - static noise S4-S5, but poor conditions on up bands.

HA5X: Occasionally QSO-ing with a small mobile whip antenna, while also doing some housework.

HA6NA: The program eating only CEPT format callsign... I received on all bands and all times TA2ZF/1, but I copy into PC the CEPT format - TA1/TA2ZF. I hope, this not missed... Thanks for nice weekend with EUHFC!!!

HA8VK: Tnx for very good contest. I have some problem with UA1AAF program, gave only one point for my CW QSOs. (Pse read Rules - S59AA)

HG1R: It was very nice Saturday day for me. Nice to meet everybody in 2004! My result on 21/28 mc is poor.

HG8C: Bad conditions on upper bands, excellent activity on low bands. Good quickly contest between EU stations.

I1COB: Good contest!!:-) Fairly good propagation on all bands, good formula, tnx for award 2002.

I2AZ/1: Very, very nice contest; good conditions also on higher bands. Enjoying working so many good operators!!

IK0YVV: Just few hours in the contest, great fun, good rates instead of very bad cndx on the high bands, EU has been good even not too big, 20m produced of course really nice runs at more then 150 qsos/H. As the SCC RTTY it's nice to discover to be of the youngest license active!! Congratulations to the ones that has their first license in the 30s!!!

IK2HKT: As expected no propagation on 10 and 15.

IZ4DPV: Beautiful contest, on 40 mt and 80 mt good propagations, 10m very bad.

LY2OX: First time CW only: high competition as always. High bands were bad, but better than expected. Sorry, couldn't reach 1000 Q's mark-mults were more important...

OH1F: My first serious mixed mode operation in EUHFC. 10 and 15m were lousy but 20-160m FB. SO1R operation.

OH4RH: I don't know how put my exchange number to program, anyway it was 59967 or 5967!!!!

OK2DU: Beautiful contest, many stations worked, good conditions on low bands

OL5Y: Thanks to Jiri, OK2RZ, for his nice QTH! Bad CONDX on high bands... First half of the contest was torment. Generally - very nice contest again! It is not possible to compete from central Europe... But it is possible to have a fun with modest antennas. Thank you to sponsors for hold this contest!

ON6TJ: Very pleasant and fine contest for 12 hours on Saturday. I love it! I worked only the S&P method to find all my contest friends.

ON7TQ: Very poor conditions in my location, and around 35 C in the shack. Never the less, we had fun again.

PA0IJM: A nice contest but the winner is the TEMP in the shack. To hot (39 C) for contesting (HI).

PA0KHS: Nice contest enjoyed participating.

PA3BFH: Just a few words: FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN GREAT FUN!!!! See you next year - thanks for organizing!!

PA3ELD: Nice activity. Was running QRP 2,5 watts es worked a lot of stations!

RA2FID: It was my very first contest! I was very exited and can't sleep all over the night after the contest.

S58A: No hardware problem this time.

SP5UAF: Thanks for a very nice contest. I had no time to operate all time but had great fun. See you next year

SP9LJD: Nice test, first time I operated nearly full time.

SV1BJW: This was a special Saturday. After some vacation I had the opportunity: to hobby and meet some old friends. My best regards to everybody there. CU nxt year.

U1BA: Bad conditions: ten was dead, very short openings on fifteen, errated twenty and noisy forty and eighty.

UY7C: The test was funny as usual...

YT1AD: I was very disappointed when find a new version of UA1AAF software on your web page, just after the contest. Next year more mults!

YU1OJ: I would like to thank my donor, Robert Kasca S53R, for nice EU-HF 2002 plaque. 73 and CU next year.