Outstanding propagation on the higher bands, especially on 10m and 15m, a lot of static disturbance on 80m and 160m, a high number of participants and many new all time records - these words summarize the main characteristics of EUHFC 2001. As much as 27 stations broke the border of 1000 valid contacts. The first five stations in the MIX HP category had an average of over 100 qsos per hour. The winner of this category was Andrei I. Karpov, RV1AW, followed by Jack E. Danielyan, RW3QC and Toivo Hallikivi, ES2RR who operated from OH2U. Also the top two stations in the MIX LP category had over one thousand contacts! The first was Kasper Gyorgy, HA1CW from HG5Z and second Gediminas Lucinskas, LY9A; third place goes to Igor Avdeev, UA2FZ with 969 contacts. The winner of the CW HP category was Lothar Wilke, DL3TD, who was the first to break the magic number of 300 valid multipliers. He is followed by Igor Mikheev, RZ3BW from RG3A and Laszlo Foldi, HA6NL. First in the CW LP category was Dainius Savicius, LY6M with Slawa Lysy, ER1LW in second and Janos Nysztor, HA8MD behind him. Slovenians had good scores in both SSB categories. In the HP category, Tine Brajnik, S50A, with the highest multiplier, beat Ari Korhonen, OH1EH operating at OH0Z, and third place goes to Fabio Schettino, I4UFH. In the LP SSB category Robert Bajuk, S57AW won with a big margin over Tone Crv, S54E and Max Van Rymenant, ON5UR, who by his words, participated for the first time ever in a HF contest.

The number of received contest logs has become stable and at slightly over 500. It was noticed that the number of electronic logs continues to increase. Unfortunately, a number of them are in different formats which article 12. of Rules regulates. These logs could not be directly processed through the computer (DOC, XLS, ADI...). Many logs have non-appropriate names and which causes us a lot of additional work. Instead "MYLOG" or "MY LETTER FOR YOU", you better put "CALL.DAT", "CALL.ALL", "CALL.SUM" as names of the files. There are still few logs with wrong calculations i.e.

2 points for CW contacts and more than half of the SWL logs this time did not comply with the rules. This information shows weakly informed participants, particulary in some countries (SP, YO, YU for instance). In addition to these problems there are participants who, due to no knowledge of the rules or for other reasons, give out non-valid or impossible figures as their multipliers, also gave us a lot of additional work. Contacts with these stations are recognized as good but mults do not count as valid. On the other hand we are pleased to find that the number of logs, which should be dropped from the list due to a high percent of mistakes is decreasing.

Last years additions to the rules, which gives more possibilities for supervision of the contest, gave good results. A number of stations with "miraculous" results in previous years, this time simply did not participate or claimed the scores within real capabilities. We have recorded work of many stations in this contest and we compared taped information with incoming logs. On this base we found out undisputedly that station EU8RZ did not follow the rules of the contest (this station was disqualified also previous year as EW5O). This conclusion could not be done with just a regular check of the log. Other types of control will also be used in future contests. As with any other sport, also here results could not be achieved with methods "which the organizer of the contest did not understand" as someone allowed himself to claim. The organizer must have as complete as possible of an overview of the entire course of the contest. On this field, we will do as much as we can in future events. The Sanctioning Committee discussed also the case of unsportsmanlike conduct of S51TA and this operator is excluded from future contests organized by Slovenia Contest Club.

The rules of the contest are clear and we do not have any intention to change them at this time. We believe that there should not be any question about the logs as well, only if those, who has access to the rules, will precisely read them. Since everybody is not familiar with the rules, we would like to appeal to all of you to relay information about the contest rules to a wider circle of participants.

Since all electronic logs were processed through the computer analysis you can obtain your NIL reports (.bad files) from:


Will be seeing you in the next EUHFC

Franc Bogataj, S59AA - EUHFC director

Ljubljana, February 1st 2002