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Radioclub Škofja Loka Award


Every amateur radio operator with a valid licence is eligible for this award.

Aim is to achieve as many contacts or SWL reports as possible with club stations S53DKR / S59DKR, or with members of Radioclub Škofja Loka. Contacts on or after 1st January 2013 are valid.

All bands and modes are valid. Multiple QSO`s on the same day are valid if they are made on different bands or modes.

Minimum required number of QSO`s or SWL reports:

     - stations from EU need 2,


     - stations from other countries need 1.


Number of valid QSO`s or SWL reports will be written on the award.

The award is issued each year and valid period is from 1st January 00:00Z to 31th December 23:59Z.

Each year the award has a new layout in A4 format.

The award is issued only in electronic format and will be sent via e-mail address.

The award claim, together with log extraction in any kind of text format (doc, txt, ...), must be sent to e-mail with subject "Radioclub Škofja Loka Award".

A list of award recipients will be published each year on Radioclub Škofja Loka web page.


Members of Radioclub Škofja Loka