Low cost homebrew smoke pump project

If you want to have a real aerobatic plane, then you need smoke, a lot of smoke! But those devices cost a lot,

the price-tag is about 100 euro or dollars; and what you get? Just a simple pump....

Well, i decided to build one on my own, using much cheaper stuff. The idea came from club member Sašo who already

made one similar and uses it on 3m extra ( extra 330S).

The basic idea is to use chip, generic pump like this one:

Price is 14 euro, but be carefull if the pump is sutable for diesel (smoke liquid).

To be able to controll the pump, we would need some controller. The easyest way is to use

generic BEC controller for small motors, which could be found in any hobby shop for abt. 15-20eur.

The schematics of the system would be like this:

Since the pump is originaly designed for 12V operation, we have to replace the motor with 6V version,

for example speed 280 or so. To do this, lets look inside:

Now replace the motor, remove switch, and decrease weighth by cutting off what you don't need

and drill some holes:

When installing the pump, use one way valve to prevent exhaust gasses to come into the system,

maybe two in series are needed in some cases, depends on motor size.

The additional weighth for the pump is abt. 100G plus smoke liquid ....

And that's it!!! Total cost should be abt. 40 EUR, less than ½ of regular

smoke pump cost; this might be even lower if you find used speed controller

or the motor on the attic....

The information on this site comes with no warranty! Hope you find it usefull.

Enjoy the smoke, and see you!