My dish - for 5.7GHz EME

In august 2001 i got 3 pcs of andrew 10ft dishes, which were used for telecom service on 7GHz. During the transport one of them was damaged but it will still be ok for 6cm and lower the others are ok for 3cm also. First i will use one of them (f/d=0.3) for 6cm EME, the support is the same that has been used for 70cm EME - the german Air gun base - mobile setup. At the back side of the picture you can see the damaged dish.

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Rear view

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S57RA in front of the dish with 5.7GHz ZIF radio in hand
I also have made a MOON-CAMERA, with the old binocular lense the picture on the screen is about 3moon high and 4moon wide, a good compromise between acuracy and ability to find the moon. It is hard to beleive how small is it if you try to find it with an aperture of 1degree...for moire innstructions for building a moon-camera check: Moon tracking camera by S57UUU .

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And now look at the production year of my AZ/EL system. I must say, it is still working perfectly with great precision!

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