Airmail and SCS DR-7800 modem on linux and windows7

While planning the passage over the Pacific in 2016 i ordered a HF pactor-4 modem  in order to have backup communication in case of Inmarsat phone failure.

I discovered, the clients for WL2K are only available for Windows platform. I only use linux and especialy in low power environment, the efficiency of linux box is much higher than windows. I wanted to install full setup on toshiba NB550d laptop, since it works perfectly and can run for more than 8 hours without recharging.

I got one from ebay for abt 150€ with windows7 installed on SSD. Now to the plan:

- install the software on windows and make the setup work

- install lubuntu along windows

- install airmail in linux under wine

- link the linux installations data files to windows

- fake the com port in linux to use the same one