Common noise source to 2 SIDI RX each own LO and EGNOS reference

In order to debug the alignment software and to extract EGNOS data, recording of common noise source has been made on both astro channel and EGNOS signal on reference channels.

Measurement on 13.10.2014 from 21:00 to 21.16.15

Sidi RX timing (upper traces in the video)
Common noise sourcem, phase difference abt  -132 (or +50 ) deg on 1410 MHz

Sidi 1, reference  antenna 3m, S/N > 20db Sidi 2, reference ant helix, S/N 8db

Reference antennas  m(E-W)  3m(N-S) shifted

recording on Fq
./sidi_rsr 1410 1579

In order to compensate geostationary movement, relevant data about satellite has to be aquired. The data is decoded using viterbi decoder, we use  Phil Karn KA9Q implementation  (git addr: git clone ).

I wrote decoding software that generates messages in EMS format as described in ESA document recorded noise 

Attached is a contents of GEO Navigation Message Type 9 representing the position, velocity, and acceleration of the geostationary satellite in ECEF coordinates, and its apparent clock time and frequency offsets.


Msg 9 decode