European amateur radio astronomers meeting EUCARA


Stockert 25m Radio Telescope

European Conference on Amateur Radio Astronomy (EUCARA) with the team at the Astropeiler Stockert Radio Telescope hosted a conference for amateurs active in radio astronomy in Europe. The intention was to bring people together to exchange ideas and experiences.

WMarko S57UUU and me presented a paper about the SIDI project, available in pdf here.

We were provided the opportunity to do some hands on observations with 25m dish such as real-time pulsar observations

Participants from several countries had many interesting contributions, with the great presentation of the keynote speaker mrs Dr. Silke Britzen about latest research in area of Black holes.

SIDI projects has been presented with a big interest of participants to help in growing the possible network of receiving stations.

More pictures from the site and visit to the Effelsberg 100m dish can be seen here.