RedPitaya SDR project

I use simple and efficient digital setup for 10GHz based on low-cost RedPitaya and Kuhne 10GHz/144MHz transverter. The RedPitaya uses 125MHz sampling and originally it has 60MHz low-pass filters installed on-board. I have removed the filters and installed the new 144MHz filter instead. I use under-sampling on 19 MHz to get to 144 MHz.

I also have made a new 125MHz oscillator locked to external 10MHz GPS/Rubidium reference, modification is describet here

Complete radio:




 10 MHZ locked TCXO


RP with input filter removed


Guys from RedPitaya were so kind to give me the Audio codec. The schematics - how to connect codec can be found here.

WM8731 Red Pitaya
SCK --- DIO4_N (E1) Pin 12
MISO --- DIO5_N (E1) Pin 14
MOSI --- DIO6_N (E1) Pin 16
ADCL --- DIO7_N (E1) Pin 18
SDA --- (E2) Pin 10
SCL --- (E2) Pin 9
3,3V --- (E1) Pin 1 oder 2
GND --- (E1) Pin 25 oder 26

source:  and  (from the same source)


For the EME digital modes i use PowerSDR and WSJT-X. The commands between the two are sent via Virtual serial ports (VSPE emulator) software.

Audio is transfered over VB-Audio virtual cable.