VK7UM - S57RA / 16.386km contact with only 60cm antenna

After some effort - moving air-gun and extending tx waveguide, rx and controll lines, we managed to make a contact on 10GHz with Rex - VK7MO from Hobart/Tasmania. We repeated the contact the day after with smaller antenna and less power on his side. 

First day Rex used 120cm antenna and 90w and day later only 60cm antenna and 50W. Equiment on my side was 3m dish, abt 150w at feed, 0.8dB preamp, kuhne 3cm transverter,  and my low-cost SDR with  RedPitaya and PowerSDR radio.

Distance between stations (jn75ap in qe36wv) is 16386.66Km.

The radio and PA were developed at EIUS d.o.o.