IC506 marine radio reset MMSI

How to reset IC506 marine radio MMSI

You have to respect the regulations. MMSI is important identifier for marine security, so do not use this information if you don't know all the details.

Male Connector on the rear side of the radio

To reset MMSI connect the pins as shown, then turn on the radio while holding MENU and CLR. Next time you power-up the radio the MMSI will be cleared and you can enter it again.

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Raymarine tridata instrument Speed broken FIX

My depth - speed(log) - temperature instrument - Raymarine tridata A22013 stoped working. I checked the hall input from the sensor (blue wire) and it worked perfectly (voltage changes from 12v to 0v and back ). It turned out, there was a faulty thermistor (part of the transducer for temperature measurement). Raymarine firmware checks the temp sensor, and if it is faulty, it won't show anything. Guess why... force the customer too buy a new transducer!

If you don't need water temperature data, just place a 10K resistor between white and brown wire, or even better, connect 10K thermistor to the brown/white wire and epoxy it to the hull of the boat and with minor calibration you will have fully functional instrument.

I have placed a variable resistor between input pins on TRIDATA instrument and it is clear, the curve follows the 10K NTC characteristics.


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VDO instrument fix

On my sailboat, when i got it, the tacho and hours meter LCD instrument was dead. It is marked VDO Model N02070009 or Volvo number 873660.

I wanted to find out the current state of the hour meter and have found a perfect solution to this on this page.  If you are not able to do the programming of arduino, there are other options too.


VOLVO PENTA instrument panel laser cut

Original Volvo penta panel has been broken at the holes in the edges and cheap plastic looks bad after only ten years. New one is too expensive, so i decided to laser - cut it on my own.

Tha plans as attached as followsČ


PDF view

PDF layer for cut

PDF text layer

all files including svf (qcad)

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