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I am Peter Oresnik (Roza) and this is my picture:


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First page in the book of my life starts with my birth. As every honest child I wanted to be something special. By that purpose I put my self into straight position "as it is expected from a democratically orientated person" on last day before my mom had a date to birth. But because at that time in our government were communist nobody understood me and I was punished by my doctor Lavric, who had to use scalpel and he cut me into my ass. I've got still a souvenir remember on that moment as a warning not to turn things around. If I will have a chance to be born again I will absolutely not trying to sit down earlier than it is needed to. So... I was born crying in hospital in Kranj om 21.7.1979. First seven years I lived in a place called Rodica in settlement called Groblje. Later on we have moved to Prelog and I still live here. I was visiting first for years of the elementary school in Ihan later I was visiting four years of schooling in Domzale. During my holidays I am often in Kranjska Gora where I am a proud inheritor of two houses and one barrack for tools. In the wintertime it is a great pleasure to ski on neighbouring ski slopes. In the summertime there is a lot to do around the house and in the garden. But I always manage to find some time to visit some mountains. When I was visiting the 7th grade I got my first computer. That was 386 DX 40 with 4mb of Ram. 14-inch colour monitor meant a revolution in those days. 3.5" floppy was not very known yet so I got a 5.25" floppy as well. My printer was Epson LQ 570 ESC/P2. Disc was one of the biggest and it contained 122 MB of diskspace. I had a mouse and keyboard also. It was a love on a first sight. I loved my computer from the first day ahead. The time passed quickly and I had to decide in which school will I visit after primary school. I decided for grammar school in Kamnik. I am still visiting this school. Meanwhile my old 386 wasn't worth any good anymore and I upgrade it to 486 Dx4 100 with 20MB of Ram. For the luxury they care USR's 14400 baud modem named Sportster (Sporty) which was replaced by his youngest brother 28800/33600 I have got 16 bit Sound Blaster card with CSP chip on it, Mitsumi's 4x CD. I first got another Quantum 230 MB disc but that was not enough and I bought Seagate's 2.11 GB disc.

My hobbies beside dealing with computers: ham radio, numismatic, philately, cooking, mountaineering, cycling and I could find something else.