Who I am, where I come from and similar stuff…

I think you will find the fastest answer to the question "Who I am" by surfing through my WEB pages and make yourself a picture about things I do every day or just from time to time. For those who are interested in "numbers and facts" here follows same basic data (CV):

I was born in Spring 1968 in Sempeter pri Novi gorici. I spent my babyhood and childhood as well as finished the Primary School in Bovec, small town in northwestern part of Slovenija, placed in the valley of Soca. The Soca river as well as the valley itself are considered to be one of the few places in Slovenija as well as in Europe with still relatively untouched nature, clean white waters, etc… To get an idea, where this place is geographically positioned, the information, that it is approximately at two thirds on the way from Vienna to Venice, 2 km from Italian and 20 km from Austrian border, will probably make the clearest picture J.


… the green, green grass of home J!


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A river in which I am swimming - occasionally. The temperature of the water reaches some 16 to 17 degrees Celsius - from time to time. Only in highest summer, of course J!

In that time I already showed a big interest in technics and was involved in lot of activities, connected with it (building aeroplane models, model railway, constructing simple radio receivers, transmitters and other electronic toys, operating ham radio,…).

From September 1983 to June 1987 I was visiting the Secondary School for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in Idrija.

In 1987 and 1988 - serving Army in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (in those times Slovenia was still the northern republic of Yugoslavia). I was responsible for maintaining and operating the electronic equipment of a remote controlled automated butts.

From October 1988 to September 1993 I was studying Electrical Engineering at University of Ljubljana. I specialised in Automation and Robotics. After taking a degree at University, while seeking for permanent job, I found my first (temporary) employment as a teacher of Technical education in one of Ljubljana Primary Schools as well as a teacher of Practical electronics at a Secondary school for Electronics, also in Ljubljana. In June, 1994 I have got a job at former PTT Slovenije, now Telekom Slovenije. Since then I have been working in Telecommunications sector on Access network development, mostly on DECT based WiLL systems, TETRA trunked mobile network, ADSL systems and cable access networks. My major tasks are study of new access network solutions and implementation of new cable-network design techniques in the Telekom Slovenije access network, as well as different tasks in some working groups dealing with access network equipment, Public payphones etc.

I am also involved in two working groups at Ministry for science and technology, dealing with the process of adopting the ETSI standardisation (DECT and TETRA).

In the period from October ’98 to September ‘99 I was assisting the PHARE 9520 (Alternative Models of Rural Telephony) project manager.


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